Sunday, March 22, 2009

Token Weekly Blazers Post: Road Warriors Again

The Blazers played an incredible 5 road games in the past 7 days and did a solid job, going 3-2 on the week. They're in the stretch run now, and there's not a whole lot to talk about so I'm going to keep things brief this week. Portland suffered a jet-lagged loss to a very talented and tough-at-home Atlanta team in a game that tipped off at 10:00 AM Portland time on Sunday. They followed it up with wins over Memphis and Indiana, a short-handed overtime loss to Cleveland (who has the NBA's best overall record and has only lost once at home all season) and rebounded with a win over Milwaukee to cap off the trip.

The injuries have been a big issue. Oden returned ahead of the "revised" schedule, coming back in the Indiana game. However, Portland lost both Lamarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum late in the game and played without two of their starters against the Cavs. Aldridge came back last night, but Batum has not returned to action. There's only 12 games left, and the Blazers have a great shot at exceeding 50 victories this season. However, because they're in the West, the P-word still is not a certainty.

About the cards:
  • I'm not sure what Supreme Court is supposed to mean, but you'd like to think that Drexler is sticking it to the hated Jazz. I wonder if Mark Eaton has a website.
  • Kersey's Stadium Club card is just another reminder that the Clippers are bad. Then and now. Bad, bad bad.
  • Next week (or possibly the week after) I have an extremely awesome Arvydas Sabonis card to scan. This week's card is just regular awesome.
Bonus: I've been really lazy with the bonuses lately. I have a lot of awesome Blazers stuff that I have neglected to scan. Here's a pocket schedule from more than 20 years ago. Terry Porter guarding Michael Jordan - good stuff. I'm starting to hate Jordan a little bit less with time when I consider the ridiculous antics of some of today's stars like LeBron James and Kevin Garnett. Just shut up and play the game.

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  1. Ah, the old Salt Palace. They don't build (and name) arenas like they used to.


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