Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Least Overpriced

I was reading a blog awhile back (not sure where) that mentioned buying cards at a Sports Authority store. Eventually it dawned on me that we have those stores here, too, so I decided to drag my girlfriend along and check it out one night after a night of supporting other big businesses. I never realized that any reputable retail outlets would actually mark-up their prices, but that's exactly what these guys do. The pre-priced blasters and packs aren't here, but you get the same thing, minus the price printed on the label, complete with a 25 to 40 percent markup. Nice! The only thing even remotely worth buying, in my opinion, were some blister packs of 2007 Bowman Heritage that had probably been on the rack forever. I think they were dusty. They were actually stickered at their normal retail price, but they are something like a year and a half old and are probably readily available at below-MSRP in lots of places.

I grabbed three packs off the rack and opened them on the bus. Here's what I got...

Pack 1:
162 - Tadahito Iguchi (Iguchi, once something of a fan favorite in Chicago, is now back playing in Japan.)

154 - Scott Rolen (Pretty sure I have this card, but it's nice to get a Cardinal card anyway.)

SG-WJB - Joe Benson Signs of Greatness (Congratulations! Wait... who is Joe Benson? Well, still, it's an on-card autograph, and I rarely get any autographs out of packs. If there are any Twins fans out there, or fans of light-hitting outfielders who haven't progressed beyond A ball, let me know if you want this card.)

136 - Jason Giambi Rainbow Foil (These are one per pack.)
BHP28 - Bryan Byrne Prospects (These are two per pack.)
BHP48 - Woods Fines Prospects (Yes, that's a real name.)
- Checklist 3 of 3
163 - Kevin Millwood
39 - Craig Biggio (It's weird, but Biggio makes packs from 2007 seem so... old.)

Pack 2:
198 - B.J. Upton

196 - Nick Markakis (SP - no signature version. This is far from my favorite "variation" style, by the way.)
109 - Curt Schilling Rainbow Foil

BHP40 - J.R. Towles Prospects (Wow, there should be a caption contest for this card or something.)
BHP68 - Ryan Finan Prospects
214 - Brian Stokes (RC)
32 - Mike Sweeney

196 - Nick Markakis (And the regular variety... all in the same pack. How convenient.)

Pack 3:
137 - Austin Kearns
101 - Andruw Jones (Rumor has it that he hit a home run the other day. That means I've been listening to entirely too much sports talk radio.)

248 - Troy Tulowitzki (SP - no signature. Hopefully he bounces back from an injury plagued 2008.)
48 - Freddy Garcia Rainbow Foil
BHP54 - Trevor Cahill Prospects
BHP96 - Gregory Porter Prospects
- Checklist 2 of 3
244 - Adam Lind (RC)

119 - Jamie Moyer

I have always liked this set. I might think about trying to put it together if I could find a large quantity of it for a cheap price.


  1. Yeah, I've always been mighty puzzled about Sports Authority and their marked-up sports card prices.

    I have TONS of 07 Bowman Heritage. If you'd be up for a trade, I'd be more than happy to send some your way.

  2. Yes, you draaaagged me.

    I should have just gotten that binder they had for sale. It looked neat and the price I was okay with. I am sure it will still be there ... even 2 years from now, since I think we were the first people to look at that section since 2006. Dust galore ...

  3. I think that J.R. Towles card is going to give me nightmares


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