Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 on the 5: 2009 Topps Heritage

I'm very slowly attempting to collect the 2009 Topps Heritage set this year. My plan was to buy a blaster (or at least a blaster's worth of packs) this past weekend along with a similar amount of series 2 stuff. However, I came up empty on the series 2 stuff for the third straight weekend and was discouraged enough to only buy one more pack of Heritage. I still might scratch out my want list in the next few days or so because I've received several comments and e-mails about making trades involving this set. I don't have a ton of it yet, however.

Here's the latest 5 packs that I've purchased of this stuff. The first four came from Target and the last one came from the Freddy's on 82nd & Foster. Portland people will know what the latter means and subsequently wonder what I was doing there.

Pack 1:
46 - Brandon Backe
13 - Garret Anderson (I'm not sure what criteria Topps used to decide to Photoshop some players into their uniforms, but not others. Garret was one of the others. It doesn't seem like there was a time constraint factor.)
174 - Cleveland Indians (The team cards look good in this set.)
313 - Brandon Morrow

447 - Adrian Beltre (SP)
364 - Felix Hernandez (This is the all-Mariners pack, I guess.)
181 - Josh Johnson
102 - Adrian Gonzalez (Looks like A R A G N A E to me, thanks to the pink background with alternating black and white letters.)

Pack 2:
141 - Wade LeBlanc (RC)
189 - Mike Gonzalez (I thought I drafted him as a closer, not as some portion of a weird closer tandem that Atlanta has going.)
251 - Manny Crudface

493 - Ichiro Suzuki All-Star (SP) (Bleh, I still think these all-star cards have a lousy design. I guess you have to take the bad with the good when you're dealing with retro designed sets.)
364 - Felix Hernandez (Mariners! Again!)
75 - Ryan Garko
339 - Miguel Olivo

327 - Kyle Lohse (Lohse's Wednesday start has been on again/off again/back on again in recent days due to an injury suffered in a recent game.)
- David Wright Loss Protection Device

Pack 3:
179 - David Murphy
100 - Jair Jurrjens (Former batboy according to the cartoon on the back.)
101 - Gio Gonzalez
346 - Fred Lewis

382 - Chone Figgins (Figgy is one of those players that, outside of Anaheim, is mostly only known by fantasy baseball nerds... not that I know any of those people.)
373 - Andy LaRoche

418 - Armando Galarraga (Weird cartoon.)
75 - Ryan Garko
- David Wright Don't Steal Cards, Please

Pack 4:
328 - Jesus Flores
97 - Kevin Kouzmanoff

NAP11 - Cole Hamels New Age Performers
500 - Billy Wagner All-Star (SP) (Wagner is out until 2013 with a detached arm.)
172 - Cameron Maybin
375 - Garrett Atkins
259 - Kosuke Fukudome (Bleh!)
325 - Brad Ziegler
- David Wright Will Publicly Embarrass You If You Steal Packs

Pack 5:
250 - Albert Pujols (Great looking card. It's a double, so it goes to Erin.)
93 - Rickie Weeks (I have a completely irrational hatred for this player, so it doesn't bother me a bit that he's out for the season.)
98 - Shaun Marcum
253 - Alex Cintron (Ugh, he still plays?)

NAP15 - Evan Longoria New Age Performers
363 - Coco Crisp (Even in milk.)
386 - Bruntlett Belts 1st Homer 2008 World Series
213 - Dusty Baker
- David Wright Blah Blah Blah

I'll work on that list soon. If it doesn't happen this week, I'll make sure it's up by the weekend.

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I love Figgy.