Saturday, June 6, 2009

Series 2, Finally

This is the honest-to-goodness first 2009 Series 2 pack I've purchased. I spent a bunch of money at the card show today and the Retail Guy was there (hadn't seen him since I went before Christmas.) He has a table full of discounted retail packs and unopened retail boxes. Upper Deck was going for $2.50 a pack (not sure how he gets those prices, but I won't ask.) I didn't find any Series 2 Topps packs, so I decided this would have to do.

659 - Tim Byrdak (Okay, this is my first Series 2 card of the year and it's an Astros reliever? No thanks.)

701 - Danny Ardoin (What is he, the Dodgers 3rd catcher? Not even a Brad Ausmus card?)
800 - Chad Durbin
938 - Nick Johnson (More Nick Johnson cards for me... wonderful.)

582 - John Danks (Requisite bubble-blowing card.)

859 - Franklin Gutierrez (Upper Deck just can't stay away from those studio shots.)

945 - Rick Porcello (RC) (He's probably the best rookie around this season, isn't he? None of the position players are really setting the league on fire. I think Colby Rasmus has a decent chance at NL ROY if he can figure out how to balance his home run stroke with a little bit more contact. Many Cardinals fans on the good ol' internet were sad when the Cards passed on Porcello.)

SQ-27 - Brandon Phillips StarQuest Blue Uncommon (The only speck of blue I can see on this card is on Brandon's shades.)

USA-KD - Kentrail Davis USA National Team Game Jersey Autographs 097/225 (Game-used card? Check. Autographed? Check. Major League Baseball player? Er, not quite. In case you can't tell, there's one of those clear stickers on the card that was signed, not the card itself. There's actually a thumbprint on the sticker that I noticed, which is just kind of creepy. Still, I can't complain - I don't think I have any jersey/auto cards. This is also good news because it means that Retail Guy doesn't search his packs.)

871 - Khalil Greene

889 - Gabe Gross (He's flying!)
786 - Gio Gonzalez
553 - Jed Lowrie

610 - David Dellucci (Great looking card here. Dellucci recently got cut or DFA'd or something, though.)

881 - Jason LaRue (LaRue is in full gear here to hide his creepy mustache from the easily frightened.)
612 - Masahide Kobayashi

I have much more to discuss about the card show. For now, go and vote in the poll that I just put up tonight. It's the first poll I've done here, and hopefully also the last.


night owl said...

Yeah, I've studied the those "blue" starquest cards over and over and I can't figure out where they got blue from.

Dinged Corners said...

Those fullgear catcher masks are pretty scary too, which just adds to the alarming mustache problem.