Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jumbo! Topps

Nothing fancy here - just a jumbo pack from 2009 Topps Series 2. This was part of my first and only purchase so far of Topps Series 2 product. (I haven't bought any cards in a week and a half. Be proud of me.) If you look closely, you can see the legendary Bobby Crosby peeking through the plastic.

464 - Bobby Crosby
426 - Pablo Sandoval (Sandoval has hit at every level so far, but the Giants are still trying to figure out what position works best for him.)
386 - Jonathan Papelbon (At least he's not squatting.)

340 - Joe Mauer (I think I like any card featuring that helmet. I'm so glad I didn't trade Mauer on draft day.)
354 - Mike Aviles (This is the card with the lousy photoshopped rookie cup that I don't feel like showing because I've seen it a bunch of times on other blogs.)
539 - Miguel Olivo
384 - Bob Melvin
606 - Nick Johnson (Horizontal cards seem to come in a pattern. This is the third in a row. I'm not sure why that is.)

LGCB-JR - Jackie Robinson Career Best Legends

466 - Wilson Betemit Gold 0716/2009 (I'll have to toss this in with a White Sox trade or something. Betemit sure seems to float around a bit.)
TTT42 - Kevin Youkilis Topps Town
477 - Josh Willingham ("A high school shortstop who was drafted as a catcher, he can help Washington as either an outfield or first baseman. Since '06, he's hit the seventh-most homers of NL leftfielders." Dude, pick a position!)

579 - Rocco Baldelli (Bleh, I know... a Red Sox card. I'm not used to Baldelli being on that team yet, though, and I like the picture.)
387 - Adam Everett
335 - Chris Young the outfielder
624 - Ben Francisco
475 - Chipper Jones (Wearing the silly orangey-red alternate uniform the Braves sometimes wear.)
494 - Gary Matthews
462 - James Loney
562 - Cecil Cooper (Being that he's the Astros manager now, I kinda feel bad for him.)
578 - Adam Kennedy (Ugh, get this guy out of my face. This card catches him in his short-lived Rays career. Now he's putting up some ridiculous 1.000-ish OPS for Oakland.)
618 - Brandon Backe (Get him out of my face, too, please. I'll sic a Pujols card on him, I swear.)
410 - Lou Pinella (Both Chicago managers are basically cartoon characters.)

517 - Kevin Frandsen (I have no idea what's going on here, but it looks awesome.)
555- Joe Girardi (More horizontal cards. This is the first of four straight.)
433 - Coco Crisp (I wonder if Kaufmann Stadium has breakfast cereal giveaways. Feel free to pay me, if you can afford it, if you use my idea.)

516 - Brian Anderson (Another will-he-or-won't-he shot here. I'm going to say that he swings and misses.)
594 - Milton Bradley (I love the Cubs getting rid of stable players and getting guys like Bradley. I'd cross my fingers and hope that they got Manny Ramirez, too, but he'd probably do really well at Wrigley if he wasn't suspended.)
TR76 - Jay Bruce Turkey Red (Argh... 50 Turkey Red cards possible in the set and I already have this one!)

333 - Sowers & Laffey Chief Lefties (I get it.)
396 - Alex Cora (I always get Alex Cora mixed up with Joey Cora and think that he's been around for 20+ years.)
447 - Freddy Sanchez
646 - Chris Iannetta
590 - Johnny Damon

502 - Yovani Gallardo (Great photo here. I might have to cool it with the Brewers scans, though, as the Cardinals are locked in with them in a tight race.)

421 - B.J. Ryan (Woo!! Blue Jays Forever!!!)

I also have a cereal box to post another time.


kevincrumbs said...

Horrible, horrible "famous" Toronto Blue Jays song:

Erin said...

517 - Kevin Frandsen (I have no idea what's going on here, but it looks awesome.)

I know what's going on there. The man is FLYING! Wooooooo...