Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reaching Deep Into the Archives

I've been feeling rather uninspired lately. Even though I have plenty of material to go through, I was just having trouble coming up with something to fill up this space. (This is the best way to start a post, isn't it?) I'd talk about something topical like the MLB Draft, but I have no idea who any of the kids are that got picked and therefore have no basis on which to analyze how the Cardinals did or how any of it went. The NBA Finals are going on, but a post about that would be very short and look something like "I hate the Lakers. The end." The Stanley Cup Finals seem like they've been pretty entertaining, but my hockey knowledge generally ends with mid-'90s EA Sports games.

Instead, I reached into the old oddball binder and pulled out this 1989 Topps box bottom 4-card panel. I have several of these: a couple from '89, some '88 and even a mini 2-card 1987 Topps panel. All of them are pretty beat up. They're scratched like crazy (they did make up the bottom of a junky pile of wax packs) and there are some creases here and there. This is the type of thing that I have no idea what to do with now. It's not Cardinals-related, it's not in good shape at all, but I have a hard time just tossing it. There should be a market somewhere for abused but worthless treasures.

Anyway, I ended up choosing this panel because it was clearly the best as far as player selection. When Jim Rice is your weak link, you know that you have a pretty solid group of ball players. I had an irrational dislike of Cal Ripken growing up, but I always liked Nolan Ryan and Mike Schmidt. Does anyone dislike Mike Schmidt?

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