Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shiny Things b/w Hitting a Football

In about an hour from now, the Cardinals will face the Rockies in the third game of their four-game "wraparound" series. The Cards have been absolutely smashed in the first two games, getting outscored 21-5. I figured I'd do a late morning Cardinals post to try and change their luck. These 6 cards came from Danny of Saints of the Cheap Seats. The first three cards are refractors, which look pretty impressive when held up to light but look pretty dull when scanned, as is well-documented already. At least the photo used for Troy Glaus's Chrome card is not the ugly photoshopped one used for the Topps base set. Like I've been saying all season, Glaus is probably out for the year and I am not even thinking about him playing again until I hear otherwise. It's pretty upsetting to realize that the NL Central is at the weakest that it's been since the 2006 championship season and yet the Cardinals have a large heap of problems right now.

Erin's going to be all over this card, I am sure. Rainbowy-shiny Yadi card... what's not to love?

Rico Washington developed an internet nickname of "Uncle Rico" at some point because of his, well, advanced age at which he made his major league debut. I start to feel bad for the guy, but eventually I get annoyed when I realize that I'm a couple of years older than he is. He is now playing for the "Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions of the Chinese Professional Baseball League." I felt like I had to quote it because I don't really understand what that means.

When someone e-mails you about a baseball card featuring Brian Jordan hitting a football, the only proper response is "hell yes, I want Brian Jordan hitting a football!" By the way, does anyone know if Jordan's regular '98 Topps card has this same photo?

Blake Hawksworth was called up yesterday to become the 13th rookie to play for the Cards this season. Jarrett Hoffpauir, who remains on the 40-man roster, has been a mainstay in the AAA Memphis Redbirds lineup for several years now but still hasn't gotten the call.

This Albert Pujols card is the last of 3 (?) base cards that I needed for the 2009 Spectrum team set. Now I don't have to ever think about this ridiculous set again. I think that, in a way, I like receiving cards from sets I hate in trades more than ones from sets I enjoy.

I have a little batch of cards to send back to Danny on Monday along with packages for several others. Danny's son is working on the 2008 Topps Chome set. Unfortunately, the only spare 2008 Chrome card that I have currently is a Scott Rolen card, so if anyone out there has any extras to spare you should definitely look them up.


kevincrumbs said...

Isn't there a Hoffpauir on the Cubs also? I'm guessing they're related because I've only heard this last name in the context of baseball.

Erin said...


And no, not related.