Monday, May 31, 2010

America's Next Cheap Blaster

I picked up a 2008 Spectrum blaster on eBay recently for just a shade under $7 including shipping. This isn't a product I would normally invest in, but the allure was the opportunity to at least get a guaranteed memorabilia card for a cheap price. With 7 packs at 4 cards per pack, this should be short and sweet.

Pack 1:

63 - Derek Jeter
46 - Vladimir Guerrero (Just as I had written off Vlad, he's put together a very nice season. He was only 6 RBI shy of his entire 2009 total heading into today's action.)

96 - Roy Halladay (The new Mr. Perfect. I wonder if Dallas Braden was bothered by someone stealing his thunder.)
18 - Carlos Zambrano

Pack 2:
7 - Mark Teixeira

RS-ME2 - Morgan Ensberg Retrospectrum Swatches (Morgan Ensberg? You're kidding me. This has to be some sort of joke.)
5 - Chipper Jones

YSL679 - Red Ruffing Yankee Stadium Legacy

Pack 3:
40 - Carlos Lee
1 - Chris Young

44 - Alex Gordon (I don't see how converting Gordon to an outfielder will make him hit better.)
70 - Eric Chavez

Pack 4:
14 - Manny Ramirez
92 - B.J. Upton

57 - Torii Hunter

DJ32 - Derek Jeter Retrospectrum (This product has Jeter all over it.)

Pack 5:
20 - Aramis Ramirez

87 - Albert Pujols (Nice.)
83 - Omar Vizquel

31 - Matt Holliday (I'm a fan of this pack.)

Pack 6:

79 - Jake Peavy
27 - Grady Sizemore
69 - Nick Swisher
43 - Hunter Pence

Pack 7:

53 - Ryan Braun
66 - Hideki Matsui
95 - Sammy Sosa

YSL704 - Babe Ruth Yankee Stadium Legacy


longlivethewho said...

That Ensberg would have been an insult to pull even back in 2008.

FanOfReds said...

If you happen to have any of the three cards I'm still looking for from this set, I'd be interested in a trade! (#21, 34, and 64)

The Gooch said...

That's a rough pull with the Ensberg card. Every other available jersey card is probably a better pull.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

Morgan Ensberg = the blogosphere's new golden boy

Move over Curt Schilling and Brad Ziegler!

NMCLax24 said...

I would love to trade for that Jeter retrospectrum, and the YSL cards. Let me know

madding said...

Nico, I sent you an e-mail yesterday about the extra Jeter cards I found. Let me know if you have a list of YSL cards that you want or need because I have around 20 of them and don't really need them.