Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mutant Heritage Pack

I picked up a couple of slightly discounted 2010 Topps Heritage packs from the retail guy at the card show a week ago. These ones have pre-priced wrappers, so I'm not sure what stores you might see these in. I know that the usual big box suspects (i.e. Target) do not tend to have pre-priced wrappers. One of the packs was a little... strange.

Mutant Pack:

405 - Lou Gehrig Baseball Thrills (I like that these cards are of legends this year instead of current players.)
215 - Derek Jeter
25 - Juan Francisco / Jay Bruce / Joey Votto Reds Heavy Artillery (Booooo Reds. My Ohio-leaning friends would likely assure me that the Reds challenge this year will be short-lived when they take their usual second half dive, but they do have a lot of young talent. The Cards re-took the division lead today. Let's hope it stays that way. In any case, at least it's the Reds and not the Cubs/Astros/Brewers...)
250 - Andrew McCutchen / Garrett Jones Young Bucs

306 - 2009 World Series Lee Dominates (Cliff Lee is in a tough spot, playing this season for one of the most offensively challenged "competitive" teams in ages.)

383 - Matt Cain / Tim Lincecum Frisco First Liners (Here's another team that scares me. At least, these two hurlers scare me and that's a start. What is "Frisco First Liners" supposed to mean, anyway?)
415 - Luke Hochevar
121 - John Lackey

But wait... there's more!
182 - Adam Jones

469 - Derek Jeter All-Star (Okay, so I got 10 cards instead of the usual 8. No big deal, I suppose. I also got a double Jeter pack. Somewhere some bratty kid is crying because he only got 6 or 7 cards in his Heritage pack, and his piece of gum is broken into shards and he got no Yankees cards to speak of anyway. That's the breaks, kid.)

Non-Mutant Pack:
90 - Gavin Floyd

45 - 2009 NL E.R.A. League Leaders (Lots of guys on this card. I won't list them all, but two of them are really, really good. One of them is Tim Lincecum. And then there's the guy that hurt my fantasy team...)
101 - Jhonny Peralta

41 - 2009 NL Batting Average League Leaders (Albert's power outage is starting to concern me a bit.)

231 - Johan Santana (Johan was the big winner in tonight's Sunday night game.)
330 - Jamie Moyer
166 - Ramon Hernandez (Yikes, it's another Redleg.)
87 - Juan Uribe (And sometimes you get Juan Uribe.)

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Interesting pack! And wrapper.If you still have it (wrapper) and don't want it, I'll gladly trade you some Cards cards for it! Heck, I could send you some Cards cards anyway. I'll check your lists!