Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caught Up!

For the first time since I started trading cards through this blog, or at least since sometime in 2008, I am finally completely caught up with trade posts. I still have several things in the works and I probably owe something to someone, but for now I have no stacks of cards anywhere in my dwelling that I need to write something on the internet about. This latest package came from Play at the Plate. We've traded quite a few times and I usually just send whatever Rangers/Will Clark stuff has accumulated in my collection recently. This time, some Cy Young Topps Cereal Box inserts were claimed.

Woody! Shiny Woody! Honestly, I'd be excited about any Cardinals refractor card. A refractor Aaron Miles? That would be pretty awesome. I'd even take a Dave Duncan refractor, if such a thing existed. I'm not sure if they make cards of pitching coaches, however.

We interrupt this post to tell you about how terrible the All-Star/Home Run Derby jersey that Big Mac is wearing is. It's terrible. It is.

I didn't know Stan the Man could hoop it up like that!

This is... seriously... a prepaid phone card made by a baseball card manufacturer. Do you remember phone cards? I don't really, either. It's funny that the concept of unmeasured out-of-area calling was such a pricey thing at one point. This is definitely a monumental addition to my Ozzie collection.

I still have a soft spot for Rick Ankiel As A Pitcher cards, even though he's moved on from St. Louis and his career as an outfielder is not in great shape.

I also received a healthy amount of 2010 Turkey Red inserts. I was feeling pretty good about the progress I was making until Series 2 came out.

Finally, I unexpectedly found a Fernando Tatis jersey card from 2001 SP something-er-other. This is now one of my oldest relic cards and definitely my first from this era.

Thanks again to Play at the Plate!


Play at the Plate said...

Kerry, that Ozzie phone card was a giveaway at some card show LONG LONG ago. I also got a Will Clark and a couple of others. I'm glad I ran across it and it found a good home. I'm trying to put together some more goods for your June prize package! So sorry for the delay!

night owl said...

Caught up? I'm jealous.

Erin said...

I remember phone cards. I used them TONS. I guess the last one I had was in 2003, though.