Sunday, June 13, 2010

Longoria y Longoria

Technically, I believe we have been told that it's possible to get a Stephen Strasburg Team USA autograph from retail packs of 2008 Timeline. With that in mind (okay, not really), I set off for the local Dollar Tree to pick up 10 packs of the stuff at (of course) $1.00 each. My hope was to get at least one of the 4 Cardinals cards from my want list, and amazingly enough I actually succeeded. Rather than go through all of the gory details, I thought I'd just highlight some of the more noteworthy cards.

Evan Longoria was the big rookie for 2008, and there are plenty of Longoria cards to choose from in this product. I really like the Timeless Teams design as I recently mentioned.

I still think Max Scherzer will end up being a very good starting pitcher despite his difficulties so far. I'm not sure that his move to the tougher-on-pitching league was the best career option for him. We'll see.

Here's the lone Cardinal from my want list. I'm down town needing just 3 now. Pujols has been fairly erratic this year. I'm waiting for him to have another crazy good week... anytime now, okay?!

As obnoxious as this set must be to put together, having two different sets of parallels must be really aggravating. Here's a card only a Howard player collector could love.

I don't get how I don't have about 10 of these Matt Holliday cards by now as it's just a base card. It's easy to accumulate tons of cards 1 through 50, especially if you're buying retail.

Here's an example of the other pointless parallel, but this is a good card nonetheless. I'm holding onto this one to see if a certain Troll might need it. Otherwise, it goes onto the trade pile with most of the rest of these.

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AdamE said...

I wish my Dollar Tree had Timeline. All they have in my town is Documentary..