Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shiny and Jumbo Sized

On a night where the ghost of Don Denkinger momentarily possessed umpire Jim Joyce, I thought I'd show off an eerie jumbo pack of 2009 Topps Heritage High Series I picked up last weekend in a retail binge. Let's play "Got It or Don't Got It" as we see if I can make some progress on my 2009 Heritage master set.

609 - Jonny Gomes (Got It. Gomes has been a particularly pesky run producer in the NL Central this year as the Reds seem to be the only competition for the Cards so far.)
646 - Milton Bradley (Got It. As the cartoon on the back reads, Milton led the AL in OBP and OPS in 2008. Those were undoubtedly happier times.)
682 - Scott Podsednik (Don't Got It! Pods has been a somewhat successful free agent pickup for one of my fantasy teams this year. I take steals where I can get them.)

553 - David Aardsma (Don't Got It! As my Mariner-loving friend laments, Aardsma may be one of the best closers in the league but no one would know it because he never gets opportunities.)
607 - John Mayberry Jr. (Don't Got It! I don't know who he is, but I'm guessing his father was named John Mayberry and he probably played Major League Baseball.)
668 - Xavier Paul (Don't Got It! All I know about Paul is that he was in the lineup during a Dodgers game on KCAL that I got to watch in the hotel on my recent business trip. You never know just how grateful you'd be for a baseball game to watch until you're stuck in a hotel in another town that barely gets any channels and hasn't even heard of FSN.)
UH229 - Kevin Millar (And on to the Updates & Highlights portion of the pack...)

UH320 - Mark Schlereth / Daniel Schlereth Classic Combos (Weird... I did not know this card existed. I don't know what else to say about it, though.)
UH119 - Bud Norris (I HATE THIS GUY! Against the Cardinals he's Bob Gibson, Cy Young and Roy Halladay all wrapped up in one. Against everyone else he's Kip Wells meets Mike Maroth and Anthony Young.)

CHR171 - Rick Porcello Chrome 0943/1960 (Porcello is a young phenom or whatever they like to call guys like this. I'm not collecting the chrome cards unless they're Cardinals. This is good for trade bait, but it also means it's likely I won't get an insert or short printed card.)

CHR173 - Russell Branyan Chrome Refractor 436/560 (Another Chrome card? What kind of sorcery is this? Branyan isn't quite as tradeable, but this one is a refractor at least.)
636 - Ben Francisco (Don't Got It!)
605 - Alex Gonzalez (Don't Got It! I wonder how many Alex Gonzalezes there are in the world.)
571 - Francisco Cervelli (Don't Got It! Cervelli is making fans forget about Jorge Posada in... well, maybe not.)

What? Denkinger's still alive? Sorry about that...

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Collective Troll said...

GREAT Pack! I can't believe you got a chrome and a refractor in the same pack! Its funny, I opened a blaster and got 2 chrome cards and one refractor and they WERE ALL RUSS BRANYON!!! That happed to me the year before with Mark Teixerra. It would have been cool if it was Carl Crawford...