Thursday, June 10, 2010

See the Ball? Hit the Ball!

Is it too early to start judging some trends from this season? Admittedly, I just got done watching the last game of an extremely frustrating Cardinals series where they were swept by a team they have dominated in recent years. (It doesn't help that said team also swept the 'Birds out of the playoffs last October.) I know it isn't too early to start dropping players off my fantasy teams (hello, Nate McLouth... Aaron Hill... the guy I always get mixed up with Aaron Hill...)

Mark McGwire has been on the job for just over two months as Cardinals hitting coach, and there's definitely been some things that have bothered me. But how much can you hold accountable a coach who doesn't actually swing the bats for the players, let alone make in-game decisions.

By the way, has there ever been a baseball player whose name has been misspelled more than McGwire's? And he's a fairly notorious player with a fairly uncommon last name. It always cracks me up when I see stuff like this 1994 Sportflics card.

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Bo said...

Ripkin is another one