Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fredbird and Other Mailbox Stuff

I recently received a package two packages from reader Patrick in MI, in a fun Tigers-for-2010 Topps needs and assorted Cardinals swap. I still have my second package to send out (tomorrow, I swear!) full of more Tigers cards, but in the meantime here's a look at some more stuff I've received lately from the great state of Michigan.

By the way, does anyone think it was really necessary to put "MASCOT" below the Cardinals logo on this Fredbird Opening Day card? Is anyone going to mistake Fredbird for a shortstop?

This is a pretty sweet (yes, I said "sweet") Ryan Ludwick parallel from series 2, which includes a nice plug for MLB 2K9. 2K9 was the last of the series that I bought for my PS2. I refuse to shell out the money to buy a new system, though I also recently purchased a DS and bought the 2K10 game for it just for fun.

Has anyone ever wondered what Ozzie Smith would have been like if he was in his prime in 1969? Me neither. This insert set is definitely a notch in the "miss" column among the hit-or-miss concepts that Topps has run with this year.

I don't mind these so much, as long as there's a clear theme. At least Lou Brock and Carl Crawford are heading in the same direction, presumably off to steal a base.

Patrick sent over Turkey Red cards in both packages. I'm doing much better than I was doing with last year's stuff at this point in the year, but I'm still a long ways away. If anyone has any extra Turkey Red stuff laying around, please check out my want lists.

I also have made solid progress with the new 2020 insert set. There's one really strange thing I've found with these cards, however. Every single card I've seen so far has been damaged. Haven't noticed it yet? Check out the back of the card under some direct light. There's a crease or sometimes multiple creases on the back of every card. I believe it must have to do with how flexible the cards are and the way they come off of the production line or something like that. Either that, or pack searchers bend packs way too much and every card that has been traded to me has been affected by those jerks. Either way, it's pretty weird. I wonder if there will be a market for graded versions of these cards.


longlivethewho said...

Topps with damaged cards? Get out. Also, the Lineage card looks sweet. When Topps tries, they really can make some good lookin' cards.

Sent you an email a while ago about a trade, let me know what you wanna do.

Anonymous said...

Fredbird's probably better at short than Ronny Cedeno.

Oh, I have another great airbrush or two to send your way.