Monday, November 15, 2010

5 on the 5: 2010 Topps Update Series

I raced out to Target tonight after work and, after avoiding the blogs for the most part when it comes to this set, I was pretty excited to see the new Topps Update Series in my hands for the first time. Before I even had a chance to sit down, however, thanks to a Facebook comment from a fellow blogger I found out something shocking that puts my piddly little Topps base set packs to shame. I'm going to soldier on, however, even though I don't even know how I'm going to get to sleep tonight.

Pack 1:

And the first 2010 Topps Update Series card I set my eyes on is...

US-151 - Kerry Wood (Oh, geez.)
US-82 - Emmanuel Burriss
US-103 - Matt Tuiasosopo (Clearly the black sheep of the family, as everyone else is into the football.)
US-229 - Joe Saunders

US-271 - Travis Wood (Great shot here. The Reds have a scary amount of good young pitching.)

US-8 - Fred Lewis (Love the retro blues here.)
US-184 - Blake DeWitt
US-81 - Rich Harden
US-190 - John Lackey
LL-70 - Ernie Banks / Starlin Castro Legendary Lineage (Starlin Castro side by side with Ernie Banks? Might... be a little much.)

MTOG-14 - Stephen Strasburg Rookie Tsunami More Tales of the Game (Rookie Tsunami? Did I miss something?)
- Ryan Braun Topps Attax Code

Pack 2:
US-108 - John Buck All-Star
US-136 - Jarrod Saltymacadamia
US-216 - John Baker
US-159 - Octavio Dotel
US-261 - Jason Vargas (One of the lone bright spots in another forgettable M's season.)
US-297 - Don Kelly
US-140 - Josh Hamilton All-Star
US-106 - Orlando Cabrera
US-308 - Matt Thornton

TR144 - Cy Young Turkey Red (Here's another 50 of these that I need to collect. They look good, so far.)

VLC-39 - Roy Campanella Vintage Legends (The HTA silver logo stamp is interesting. I'm guessing this has something to do with a version of the 2001 Topps set and isn't its own variation since this isn't even a hobby pack.)

- Albert Pujols Topps Attax Code (Please pay this man soon, Cardinals!)

Pack 3:
US-103 - Matt Tuiasosopo
US-115 - Brad Lincoln

US-21 - Roy Oswalt
US-79 - Jonny Gomes
US-41 - Anthony Slama (Wrong sport! He belongs in basketball.)
US-96 - John Bowker
US-277 - Micah Owings (Considering what he's done on the mound, I wonder if Owings has considered becoming a position player.)

US-298 - David Freese (I have a terrible feeling that David Freese is some sort of real life Elijah Price. Either that, or he belongs on the Blazers.)

US-143 - Jonathan Lucroy (How did this photo make the cut?)

US-255 - Kevin Millwood (Or this one, for that matter? I like the perspective and everything, but the blurry stuff that jumps out in front of you is kind of goofy looking.)

CMT157 - Don Mattingly The Cards Your Mom Threw Out (Ugh. First off, there are better Mattingly cards to look at. This is nothing special. As far as I know, the only worthwhile card to look at from 1992 Topps is the well known Cal Ripken card. Everything else can stay thrown out.)
- David Wright Topps Attax Code

Pack 4:
US-20 - Jason Bay (Rough first season with the Mets.)
US-252 - Jim Thome
US-223 - Henry Blanco
US-241 - Joey Votto All-Star (I'm very glad Pujols won the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger over Votto and others. Will he get the MVP, too? I'm not sure.)
US-70 - Jonathan Broxton All-Star
US-33 - Matt Capps All-Star (Are the Nats a team on the rise or a team that dumps their closer a few weeks after he makes the All-Star team?)

US-75 - Jason Heyward All-Star (Not the Rookie of the Year. That's okay, he got enough hype to fill up a trophy case as it is.)
US-205 - Ben Sheets
US-13 - Max Scherzer

TR124 - Ryan Doumit Turkey Red (I really like this one, too, even though Doumit is sort of an odd subject for this set.)

VLC-42 - Jackie Robinson Vintage Legends (Jackie on an '81 Topps card. Okay.)
- Jered Weaver Topps Attax Code

Pack 5:
US-315 - Edwin Jackson
US-2 - Dayan Viciedo (Back-to-back White Sox. I have no idea who this rookie is, though.)
US-59 - Jeanmar Gomez (Who? Did I forget to watch baseball this season?)
US-54 - Akinori Iwamura
US-268 - Logan Morrison

US-63 - David Ortiz Home Run Derby
US-226 - Scott Podsednik
US-174 - Matt Lindstrom
US-67 - Kyle Farnsworth

US-278 - Brad Penny Gold 1489/2010 (The season started out so promising for Penny. Then he cranked a grand slam in a mid-May game and suddenly his season was over. Optimism?)
MTOG-5 - Babe Ruth Ruth Laps the League More Tales of the Game
- Justin Upton Topps Attax Code

As usual, just about everything is up for grabs aside from the Cardinals and Turkey Reds.


night owl said...

That Jackie Robinson card is plain wrong. Save it for me, OK?

madding said...

Will do. Do you need the Campanella?

Play at the Plate said...

Congrats on the "other" know the one...from the "other" blog. Unbelievable!!

Erin said...

What! I thought you were trying to avoid seeing this set!

Tuiasosopo Tuiasosopo Tuiasosopo Tuiasosopo! I could say that name over and over. All day long. I want to be named Tuiasosopo.

I am surprised at the lack of quality of many of these cards. Topps, you were doing well. Shame, shame.

Where are Doumit's demon eyes? Boo!

(As for the card on the other blog ... remember what I told you? You don't need that card. You don't need that card. Your girlfriend needs that card. Yes. Yes. Yes.)

Erin said...

Oh, and Tuiasosopo.

cubsfan731 said...

Please set aside the DeWitt, Gomes, and Blanco for our next trade.

night owl said...

Yup, need the Campy card, too.

madding said...

I was trying to avoid this set until it was available for me to buy, so I'd at least be mildly surprised by some of the cards.

cubsfan731- I'll toss those in with your basketball cards.

Community Gum said...

I happen to love that Lucroy card. I think I'm one of five baseball card fans who prefers photos like that (selective focus, foreground elements). It would be right at home in Ye Olde '73 Topps set! -Andy