Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rough Outing, Collectable Cards

I always look forward to trading with new people. This time around, I was fortunate enough to find an Astros fan to take on my extra stuff. (By the way, Cam, feel free to check out my recent post about your team in case you feel like claiming anything.) This package is from Collectable Cards - Fun and Easy, which certainly could describe this trade as well.

Here's a Lou Brock card from some sort of 1992 Upper Deck release that I do not recognize at all. What on earth is this? This should be right in my wheelhouse given what year it came out, but I've never seen it before. Awesome describes it.

Yo, guys, what up? I'm your main man Brian Barber, and I've been listening to a lot of Coolio these days. I mean, it's 1995... I ain't frontin'. I've come a long way from my high school yearbook photo, dawg.

Ol' Scotty seemed to go from Turned Arthritic Before His Time to The Ageless One after one more down season following his trade out of St. Louis. Now he's the proud owner of a shiny new Gold Glove, his 8th. Not that I, you know, put much stock into these things. It's too bad he's wearing the wrong shade of red these days.

Contest Time! Didn't expect that, did you? This is just for the ones that are still paying attention. I may rethink the whole trade post angle if I don't get any responses. Your mission is very clear and simple. Be the first to identify the dude that just went through a 'Rough Outing' and you are the big winner. You'll receive a healthy stack of Cardinals cards... or, okay... fine... another team if you're not a fan of the Midwest Nice. Or, quite possibly, I could be talked into something else entirely. Just go ahead and answer the question and see what happens. I removed some of the evidence that might make it even easier on you all with the "airbrush" tool in Paint, amusingly enough.


Anonymous said...

Is that Garret Stephenson taking the walk to the showers?

Play at the Plate said...

I have to agree that it is Garret Stephenson. I wanted to say Rich Harden because he had a lot of "Rough Outings" with the Rangers.

Jim said...

Definitely Garrett Stephenson. I saw that same look a few times while he was still with the Phillies.

Cam said...

Dan Haren?