Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World Serious

I actually have three packages now sitting around to post about from Cardboard Collections, so let's just get right to it. This one is from a group break that went on sometime back in October which means I'm so far behind that I'm not even going to bother to link to it. The bottom line is, go check out Cardboard Collections. You'll learn something!

The majority of the cards were from 1998, either from something called Skybox Dugout Axcess (yes, with an 'x') and some from a set I really enjoy just from seeing the cards at shows and from trades - 1998 Fleer World Series Fever. I've probably posted this Lou Brock card or at least another SI cover card in the past, but I also really like the base design (see Ron Gant's card above.)

And then there's this Axcess. Much less appealing to the eye, but perhaps more appealing to the Cardinals binders. 7th Inning... Sketch?!

I'm hoping that if I ever fly on something called Axcess Airlines, the payment card I use to board is a little sturdier than this one. This is the illustrious Delino DeShields if you can't read his name from the image. The card itself isn't really any better. It's interesting that so many companies tried making faux credit card style cards at one point. They seem like the symbol of failure now.

Can you imagine what Pensive Yankee Reggie is thinking here? "Man, if only I had taken to the steroids back in my day. I could have hit SIX homers in that playoff game!"

Sorry, guys. I kid. I'll never hate Big Mac or Reggie. Thanks again to Colbey, who will hopefully receive a package from me soon before I end up getting three more of his. If you head over to his blog soon, you may even find some free* cards for yourself!

(*I can't tell you what the asterisk is for. You'll have to find out yourself.)

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Derek said...

Sent you an email the other day, let me know if you got it. Would love to do some trading.