Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thoughts and Sox and Late Trips to the Mailbox

I never wanted to be the guy with a blog that constantly apologizes for not posting frequently enough, not posting at all, disappointing everyone and not fulfilling my end of the bargain. I don't want to be completely impersonal here, but I try to limit how much I talk about how I forgot to stop by the post office, the rising cost of postage and how my co-worker beat me up and stole my lunch money and now I can't afford any bubble mailers...

Okay, okay, it's time to settle down. Here's some great stuff from Thoughts and Sox, serving as a reminder that I still owe him my stack of Sox, which all started from last month's 30 Teams in 30 Posts ordeal.

Aside from containing a bunch of stuff from want lists, there were a lot of nice surprises in here. I do have to say, however, that I hope that Topps gets the rights to other former players soon as long as they are the only company with a license. Some of the sets from the past 10 years contain a lot of great past players that are missing from the current Topps products.

Switching gears, there were a lot of 2010 Allen & Ginter cards in the envelope, including a number of SPs. Sig Hansen isn't one of him, but I needed him all the same. He's from the Deadliest Crabs show or whatever it's called. If this product line continues for much longer, they're going to have no excuse not to have a Bender card. They could even draw him as the wooden Bender from the episode Obsoletely Fabulous.

Yes, I just named a TV episode title from memory.

Here's another set I'm working on, inserts and all. I chose to scan the O-Dog because there's been some talk about him going to the Cardinals. I'm pretty indifferent about those prospects.

Adam is one of the first people to drop some unannounced Tim Lincecum cards on me, which is pretty nice. My girlfriend seems to have taken a shine to the little scamp. What happened to his hair, though?

Ahhhh... there we go! Why do red framed Allen & Ginter Cardinals cards look so nice? Because they are nice!

Thanks again to Thoughts and Sox, who will hopefully receive a package from me before I get snowed in for the winter... or before the dog eats all of my baseball cards.

(I don't really have a dog.)

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AdamE said...

I hope you still needed some of that stuff in there. I had it in a pile for you for a long time before I finally shipped it. You are by no means the onlu procrastinating blogger...