Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Luck Ducks, Week 10: Robots and Humans Living Together in Perfect Symmetry

Finally, the robots are our allies. The computers have finally come around to what we humans have known for several weeks now. The Oregon Ducks are the best NCAA Football team in the country. Well, technically they agree, anyway. The Amalgamated Conglomerate of Computer Polling Averages, Incorporated vaulted Oregon up to the #2 position, which was enough to merge its programming with humankind to reach a perfect #1 BCS ranking.

Is it time to relax? For me, as a fan, yes. For the players... ha. It's hardly time to relax. It's Homecoming and it's a rivalry game against the Washington Huskies. The Huskies have struggled mightily once again this season and will be without perennial Heisman Candidate In Theory Jake Locker. Freshman Keith Price has the fun task of trying to hang with Oregon's Starman (think Super Mario Bros.) offense. This feels like a game the Ducks could seriously overlook if I wasn't confident that Chip Kelly brainwashes his players into believing that they're playing the All-Madden All-Star team every week.

Just for tradition's sake, let's take a look at this perfect play... one more time:

That is still, and maybe always will be, the best sports moment I have witnessed in person of all-time. And finally, here's today's card subject going nuts on the Huskies 10 years ago:

Game time is at 12:30 PDT in Eugene with regional TV coverage by ABC. Go Ducks!

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