Thursday, January 27, 2011

Airbrushed Fridays: 1988 Topps #660

Is half of the '88 Topps set actually airbrushed? It's not like this set is exactly new to me, but I don't seem to remember how lousy a lot of these cards were. And here I just thought they were extremely cheap.

Rick Reuschel was a largely unheralded MLB lifer, logging 20 seasons in the bigs as #2 type starting right-hander. He was a three-time All-Star, two-time Gold Glover and won 20 games for the Cubs back in 1977. Overall, he went on to rack up more than 2000 strikeouts and held down a stylish 3.37 career ERA. Not bad, Mr. Reuschel. Had he spent more time with the Yankees and less time with, say, the Pirates and Cubs, Rick Reuschel might have one day found himself in the Hall of Fame.

Why did Topps airbrush Rick's photo? Reuschel had only started 8 games (in 9 appearances) with the Giants at the time this set was produced after he came over in a late August trade with Pittsburgh.

What's wrong with this picture, anyway? The extreme close-up look of this photo unfortunately does little to hide the doctoring on his cap, particularly the all-telling intricate SF logo. Intricate cap logos are just hard to freehand, guys.

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Anonymous said...

Unhearlded? Ricky the Whale? My goodness, man, he was the only Cubs pitcher that I could count on for at least decent performances on a daily basis in the 70's.

He hurt his arm and missed 1982, and actually went to Quad Cities and pitched 17 games in 1983 trying to get his arm back. It took until 1985 for him to get it together. If he had those three years back, AND of course if the Cubs didn't el-stinko, then who knows???

He had an 8.7 WAR in 1977 and was 2.8 WAR at age 40.

As for the card - Reuschel should not appear in close ups. But at least he didn't have the glasses that Paul did.