Monday, January 24, 2011

Cardboard Junkie Care Package: Cardinals and the Rest

Before I begin, I have a number of trade/gift/contest packages I'm working on right now and I've set a final deadline of February 1st to get them all out the door. If you're expecting something from me or merely just hoping for something, I would think that checking your mailbox sometime around late next week would be a good idea. (If I have no idea who you are, then you should probably worry about yourself if you're expecting something from me. Send me an email and we'll talk?)

Here are some more cards from the package I got from Cardboard Junkie. Along with some assorted prized from the fantasy baseball contest, there was a more than sufficient stack of extra Cardinals cards. Hey, I like the Cardinals! Who knew?

This is practically straight out of the pages of the Cardboard Junkie blog itself. This is so awfully hilarious and yet fits a void I didn't know existed in my Ozzie collection. Nice! I should buy a box of 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack just for kicks someday.

Shiny cards don't really shine in my scanner, but I got a few of them just the same. For all of the delusional Cards fans who might have dared to dream that Ludwick would end up coming back to the Cardinals after last season's trade... well... the Berkman signing sealed that fate. It doesn't seem like the Padres were too willing to roll out the red carpet to Ludwick, but he's still under team control at this time and ended up signing a one year deal for about a million dollars less than Berkman. One million dollars? Man, I'd do that job for rent + utilities and a meal here and there.

Another shiny refractor, this time of last season's rookie surprise Jon Jay. I have no idea what number Topps is attempting to make him wear, but it's not his real number.


Mark Mulder unfortunately spent a lot more time in this warm-up uniform than he did in a real uniform in the last few years of his Cardinals contract.

Much to my surprise, there was some honest-to-goodness vintage Cardinals stuff in here. By looking at the back of this card, it seems like it probably spent time glued to some kid's bedroom wall, but this is my first Ed Bauta card nonetheless.

If I drank 9 beers and squinted my eyes a certain way, I could probably convince myself that I just scored a Bob Gibson rookie card. Hey, Gibby! (Nevermind that you're supposed to be a 1959 card by yourself and not a 1968 card shared with some other dude.)

And on to other things... one final note here. Dennis Dixon was my only reason to root for the Steelers. He's been on Injured Reserve for most of the season, though. Since there's absolutely no chance of Dixon playing in the Super Bowl (unlike my slim hopes with Kellen Clemens and the Jets), I will reluctantly throw my full support behind the Green Bay Packers in a couple of weeks.

Ugh. I should just bust out some old baseball DVDs instead.

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longlivethewho said...

Actually, Mike Torrez won two games for the Yanks in the 1977 World Series. But Yankee fans would love him more when he gave up Bucky Dent's homer in the 1978 one-game playoff.