Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Cards on Cards

Today was basically the last time anyone can talk about Christmas for the next 11 months or so as far as I'm concerned. It's a new year, we're going back to work tomorrow, and it's time to take the tree down. Just in the nick of time, here's one final Christmas-related post which will also be the third-to-the-last trade post of 2010. Yes, there's more coming, but I expect to get those out of the way later this week.

Larry from Emerald City Diamond Gems hit me up with a Christmas card full of surprises: more cards! I found it very generous of him to send a number of us blogging types some free cards geared towards our collecting interests. My envelope in particular was loaded with vintage rookie goodies. I really wish Topps had remained true to the original set by using the "St. Louis Cards" on last year's 2009's Heritage set.

Okay, so we're not talking GEM MINT+++++ grade or anything here, but I think I almost prefer my vintage cards to be well appeciated and pliable.

This is an amazing card for three reasons: that logo on his cap, the expression on his face and... yes... the name.

Lo and behold, here's a rookie card of the famed Cardinal reliever-turned TV broadcaster. Rookie faced Hungo doesn't quite have the same intimidating look he became known for. I guess Bob Stinson wasn't notable enough for the "artists" at Topps to bother to create a cap logo for him.

From one broadcast booth to the other, it's a rookie card of the lovable goof Mike Shannon.

And finally, the whole package did a 180 degree turn and produced a Yadier Molina All-Star jersey. I now really want to make sure I have all of the Cardinal jersey cards from this set as it was the year the All-Star Game was in St. Louis. Hence, they look great.

Thanks again to Emerald City Diamond Gems! I will make sure to send something back to give my thanks, although it probably won't include a Christmas card.

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