Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cardboard Junkie Care Package: Stickers Edition

Cardboard Junkie's dayf was kind enough to take some time away from posting extremely huge scans of Mark Lemke cards to send me a package recently, which among many other things included a bunch of 1990 Panini baseball stickers. This is a project I started last summer because sticker albums are awesome and it was basically free. Unfortunately, I've dedicated almost zero time to it on the blog, but as I get much closer to completion I will post the inevitable wantlist and start thinking about my next move(s).

As the story goes, dayf had a surplus of American League stickers from this set. I don't really recall why, exactly, but who am I to turn down a perfectly good stickable sticker of Jim Abbott?

Shiny Tiger sticker! Is it just me, or does the Tiger here look extremely terrified... and shocked?

Dave Stewart was one of my favorite pitchers when I was in high school. It still surprises me a little that I rooted for the A's as much as I did in the La Russa era.

An Orioles Championship ring? Did this really happen? Wow.

Alright, it's off to stick some stickers. I will post a wantlist soon, unless I decide to just go forth and buy a box of packets like I planned on doing in the first place.

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RoofGod said...

I have a ton of these kicking around. I opened a couple of boxes of this last year and could probably help you finish off the set. Send me an email with a list if you would like me to see what I have.