Monday, January 17, 2011

Pick 'Em Contest Results - The Prizes!

I hit a couple of snags this past weekend and didn't get to the monthly card show for about the 4th or 5th month in a row. What this essentially boils down to is that I wasn't able to secure a few of the prize ideas that I originally wanted to throw out there, but I still have everything I had originally mentioned available for our winners to choose from. See the list of winners in this previous post and check out the available prizes following this short two-pack college football break that I really couldn't find any other way to fit into the blog.

Pack 1:

66 - Jonathan Stewart Collegiate Leaders (My girlfriend originally found these packs in the Target bargain bin and bought them for me on the sole premise that a Duck player is featured on some of the wrappers. I think I mockingly said that the first card I got would be a Duck, and here he is. I'm not sure what the ghost of John David Booty is doing on the wrapper with him.)

5 - Kenny Phillips (Starting Safety in his third season with the Giants.)

94 - Jamaal Charles / Limas Sweed Teammates Reflectors (I figured Sweed would be the bigger star of the two Longhorns teammates, but that just proves I know nothing about the NFL.)

37 - Devin Thomas (Thomas had the rare distinction of logging time with three NFL teams this season while not gaining a single yard from scrimmage.)

Pack 2:

86 - Aqib Talib All Americans (Talib started 11 games in the KC defensive backfield this season.)

13 - Andre Woodson Reflectors (Woodson's claim to fame is that he won back-to-back Music City Bowl MVP awards.)

This... counts as one of my cards? You've got to be kidding me.

59 - Matt Ryan Collegiate Leaders (I was disappointed that the Falcons playoff run ended at zero wins. There are a lot of unlikeable teams left. I guess I'm rooting for the Jets for the time being.)


Alright, here are the prizes. I'm sorry for making you read all of that.

  • A 660-ct. box of cards selected primarily from a particularly prolific era. The winner will dictate a favorite team(s), player(s) or other to-be-determined wishlist for this prize. This will be rather random and can include all sports or pretty much anything that could be put on a card. The more guidelines you give me for this prize, the better the chance is that you will not receive 35 Tim Raines 1989 Donruss MVP cards. (Multiple available.)
  • Lot of early '90s junk wax era unopened basketball card packs. Look for rookie cards of future Hall of Famer Gary Payton and future Hall of Procreation-er Shawn Kemp. And Rik Smits. Lots of Rik Smits. (8 packs.)
  • Lot of late '80s/early '90s junk wax era unopened baseball card packs. Look for super rare 1989 Topps Randy Johnson rookie cards that you can send to Night Owl. He loves 'em. He is looking for more. May also (okay, definitely) include a rack pack with a Sammy Sosa rookie card showing. Don't tell Matt that I'm regifting this. (8 packs.)
  • A "grab bag" of memorabilia and certified autographed cards - 5 total. None of these are likely to be players you or any of your friends would consider collecting, but, hey... they're good conversation pieces, right? (I will not be able to ship this prize until 2/7.)
  • A blaster - any sport - that is currently available at Target. I don't live in a Wal-Mart friendly area and the couple that we do have are not really card-friendly. If none of the currently available fare strikes your fancy, feel free to find a reasonably priced ($20 or less) box of cards online that I can purchase. I'll eat the shipping cost. This kind of goes without saying, but whoever selects this should please post the results on their blog because... well... I'm curious.
  • The Stephen Strasburg Experience: 4 cards pulled from 2010 Topps Update Series packs. This includes the bewildering and uncalled for #661 card as well as three inserts. How did Walter Johnson get dragged into this? I have no idea.
  • All 5 featured cards from 2 of your favorite teams in the 30 Teams in 30 Posts series. The downside is that, at my stellar posting rate, you may have to wait until April until you get this one. If one of your favorite teams is one that I've already posted about, contact me for the availability of the cards as some of them have been taken.
  • Lot of mid-'90s gold foil/teal uniform era unopened baseball card packs. Check out A Pack To Be Named Later (specially, my posts) to see what kind of stuff I'm talking about. (12 packs.)
Alright, winners (and "winner") - it's time to make your picks. I will email you separately soon if I don't see a comment here. First place gets to pick first, and the second place goes next, and so on. Lest I forget - here's how we're doing this:

First place - Pick 3 prizes! (claimed)
Second place - When it's your turn, I will cross out the previous selections and you get to pick 2 prizes! Item #1 (the 660 ct. box) is in play even if it was already picked. (claimed)
Third place - Same deal as above, but you only get one thing. Make it a good one! Again, item #1 (the 660 ct. box) is in play even if it was already picked. (claimed)

Worst place - You get to pick something that is leftover that none of the winners wanted... and you'll get some other stuff that nobody could ever want. (claimed)

If there are any questions, please go ahead and send me an email. And remember - it will be to your benefit (yes, even Rhubarb_Runner) if you let me know what team(s), player(s) or favorite '80s band that you like to collect.


mmosley said...

My picks:
1. The blaster: but you pick the blaster (baseball) and rip it. I'll pick 5 cards from it.
2. mid-90's packs
3. Mets from 30 in 30 (but it looks like these were traded to BA Benny)
4. If no Mets, grab bag of relics and such


madding said...

Yes, the Mets are gone, unfortunately. I'll try and work some into your grab bag instead.

Bo said...

Even though I'm the 3rd place winner, I'm going to cut the line because I actually want the 660 count box. I'll email you with some ideas for what could go in it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Alright, since you called me out on it.

team: MN Twins
player: any MN Twins player
80's band: er...a...Asia? I don't know.

I'm curious what you consider "some other stuff that nobody could ever want" ;-)

Community Gum said...

Oh hell yes I want that 660 card box. My guidelines, in order of preference:

Greg Maddux, Mark Grace, Ryne Sandberg, Carlos Marmol, Cubs, 1981-1985, mid-90s basketball inserts.

For my second prize, I'll take the baseball junk wax grab bag. Anyone on the web collect Will Clark?

Thanks again- I'll send my address post-haste! -Andy

Community Gum said...

I just realized that Bo is trying to steal my rightful prize. Back off, Bo!

But seriously, if there aren't enough junk cards to fill my 660 box, I'd take those basketball junk packs instead. But Bo has to send me all his Madduces.

madding said...

Don't worry - there's enough 660 ct. boxes to go around if that's what you're into. I intended for that prize to be selected multiple times if necessary.