Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 on the 5: 2005 Topps Heritage (II)

I was lucky enough to grab another handful of discounted retail 2005 Topps Heritage packs. I posted a 5-pack break awhile back, so let's see how this horizontal bunch compares to the last bunch.

Pack 1:

386 - Adam LaRoche
354 - Paul Quantrill
359 - Doug Davis
246 - Rob Bell (Who? 2005 seems like such a long time ago all of a sudden.)
345 - Jose Cruz Jr.
280 - Bobby Higginson
62 - Chris Woodward

352 - Kevin Millwood (Millwood is looking to make it Year 15 with Boston. Well, that was a pretty lousy pack. Hopefully I got something for my want list.)

Pack 2:

132 - John Buck
219 - Octavio Dotel
131 - Roberto Alomar (In 2005? How long did this guy play again?)
104 - Armando Benitez
205 - Keith Foulke

154 - Orlando Hernandez (El Duque)
136 - Nate Robertson

236 - Oakland Athletics (I do love the old-timey team cards. This makes me want a giant bowling ball to see how many A's I can knock over.)

Pack 3:
57 - Adam Dunn (Rough season for Dunn so far, but this may be a sign that these packs are turning around.)
339 - Gary Sheffield (Polarizing player.)
40 - Garret Anderson

312 - Lance Berkman (Berkman continues to crush baseballs for St. Louis. I didn't see it coming. Did anyone?)
118 - Magglio Ordonez

153 - Frank Thomas (The Big Hurt. I think I have this. Am I mistaken, or has he been doing some color analyst work for ESPN's college coverage?)

THC56 - Greg Maddux Chrome 1488/1956 (That's more like it! This is a pretty good pack despite of its lack of Cardinals. I'm willing to trade this on a first come, first served type of thing.)
167 - Franklin Gutierrez

Pack 4:

250 - Cliff Lee (Clifton Phifer Lee is what his parents call him.)
349 - Trevor Hoffman
337 - Terrmel Sledge (A favorite of mine from his Portland Beavers days.)
380 - Rich Harden

253 - R.A. Dickey (Dickey is quite a story, as he seems to finally have gotten his MLB career going at age 36.)
320 - LaTroy Hawkins

THC67 - Brian Stavisky Chrome 0124/1956 (I still don't know who this guy is or any A's fans who would take this off my hands.)
9 - Gavin Floyd

Pack 5:

304 - Rafael Furcal
397 - Ramon Ortiz
256 - Pedro Feliz (A rough reminder of last season's Cardinal failures. His position is listed as first base here, which seems strange.)
165 - Tony Womack (A reminder of past glory - namely, the great 2004 season. Mark Grudzielanek would take over in 2005. I just wanted to type Grudzielanek. There, I did it again.)

37 - Billy Wagner
297 - Milton Bradley (It seems unlikely Bradley will ever get another shot at the majors, but who knows.)

296 - Johan Santana (This one is a short print variation, as Johan is wearing the Senators cap here.)
100 - Baltimore Orioles

Interested in contributing to the cause? I don't collect the Chromes (unless they are Cardinals), so those and any other dupes I ended up with here will be up for grabs as well.


thosebackpages said...

Finding those packs half way through the year 2011, AND on sale to boot is absolutely amazing!

Don't forget about the "white back" variations as well

the sewingmachineguy said...

The more I see these cards, the more my "set building" itch is triggered.
{runs off to eBay}

Play at the Plate said...

I wasn't collecting in 2005. I love that set and want to bust some!

TSHenson said...

Like always, I am interested in any Indians cards that you pull and/or have available.

Community Gum said...

I've been meaning to do it for a while, but the Maddux Chrome acts as a good reminder that I need to email you about trading. I have plenty of Heritage I can send. Hopefully expect it tomorrow!

musicfan87 said...

How many of the base 2011 A&G's would it take for the Santana SP?