Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Actual Cardinals

I haven't posted any Cardinals cards to this blog in awhile, and as it turns out, the Cardinals haven't won a game in awhile, either. The sweep at Miller Park combined with Monday's off day makes things pretty crabby around here. Let's turn this thing around, post-haste, with a small package of 2011 Bowman Cards Cards from frequent flyer Play at the Plate.

After stopping to admire Matt Holliday in his 2009 Cardinal best (yes, this is 2011 - but his #15 jersey and All-Star Game patch are not) we get to Daniel "Don't Call Me Dan" Descalso. Young Cardinals seem to have a way of rebelling against their assumed nicknames. Just ask Mitchell Boggs. Or don't. He might be ticked off about being jerked around by the guys that make roster decisions around the club.

Alex Castellanos is a Texas League All-Star according to this article. I feel like it's far too early to be crowning anyone anything this season, but it's already startlingly close to the 4th of July all of a sudden. I have no idea what's going on.

Deryk Hooker is trying to get a handle on AA ball in his fifth season of professional ball, but he's only 22 so he has plenty of room to grow.

It's weird to see a current 25-man roster holder like Matt Carpenter on one of these Bowman Prospect cards, but so goes the Cardinals this season. I heard an opposing team's announcer recently comment on the fact that you usually don't see so many rookies and players making their major league debut on a team that isn't a cellar dwellar, but injuries and other unusual circumstances have made the Cards' 25-man a daily saga so far this season. I actually prefer it that way. I can honestly say I have not been this interested in the roster configuration and the daily lineup cards since 2006, when it looked like La Russa and Duncan were literally trying to keep the ship afloat with old chewing gum and dollar store Scotch tape.

Adron Chambers keeps getting mentioned as Plan B if the whole Colby Rasmus thing goes south. I really don't understand the Whole Colby Rasmus Thing as it were. He seems to be a really productive player with a ton of talent, a young age and lots of room to grow. He's working for (relative) peanuts. Adron Chambers is a 38th round draft pick and the Cardinals are not the Marlins. Embrace Colby, and realize that dudes born in the mid '80s (and forward) probably aren't the same personality wise as your batting cage buddy you went to high school with.

A sneaky surprise was thrown in to the pack in the form of a golden goose of a refractor featuring Jim Edmonds. As Edmonds Fan #1, I am perfectly comfortable with Colby Rasmus not being Jim Edmonds. Hell, Jimmy Baseball could be frustrating at times, too. Just ask any Angels fan, for starters.

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Play at the Plate said...

I thought you might actually like the golden Jim best of all.