Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clearing Off My Coffee Table

I have to admit that there's no real theme to this post other than the fact that I'm back into spring cleaning mode here at home and am trying to reduce the amount of clutter that I seem to be building up everywhere. As with many things, this includes my current baseball card situation. Last month's card show came and went, leaving me with a pile of random things I picked up for myself in 5 cent, 10 cent and 3 for $1 bins. More than half the stack ended up being Blazers cards, but I think I'll probably save those for the next NBA season.

Clear plastic cards in a 5 cent bin? Those can't be passed up. I picked up a few additional non-Cardinals for some unsuspecting bloggers. I hate to think of all of the damage caused to the environment by all of the absurd and completely unnecessary technologies employed to create baseball cards in the late '90s.

Topps Pristine is a great looking set. I'm not usually a fan of cropping the background out of photos, but these look good with the huge logos behind the players.

Yes, there are even junk wax cards that I need. Someday when I have some time (after winning the lottery, presumably) I will add the junk wax era sets to my want list. In the meantime, I will continue to receive crates full of 1990 Donruss Jose DeLeon cards from trading partners.

Anytime I have a chance to get Walmart or Target parallel cards, I jump at them. Literally. You should have seen the look on the dealer guy's face when I showed off my vertical leap upon finding this card.

I probably already own this card. I just had to scan it. Royal Rookies have to be the worst looking cards ever produced. They make 1990 Topps look like 1971 Topps in comparison. Pacific wouldn't even be caught dead at a party with these guys.

I'm a sucker for serial numbered cards, which means I even came home with an unsuspecting Miguel Flores card. Flores was last seen here on Future Redbirds some time in Spring Training 2009.

I'm not really sure what a Finest Sterling is, but apparently it's just a Finest card with a goofy numbering system. I'm surprised the protective peel-off coating thing never really caught on. (No, I'm not.)

Get wild!

Two Matt Holliday rookie cards for a nickel a piece? Couldn't resist. Even Jeff Winchester thinks this is ridiculous.

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Play at the Plate said...

I think Winchester is laughing at the aburdity that he has to share a card with Holliday. "Everyone knows I'm the real deal and Holliday won't amount to squat."