Friday, April 26, 2013

Want Lists - Your Input?

I'm considering migrating my current want lists to a format that's more suitable to being easily updated on the fly - namely, those Google Docs spreadsheets that a bunch of you are so fond of. Does anyone find those cumbersome to navigate or have trouble viewing them on their browsers/devices? I don't want to hastily make this switch, since I've sadly put a lot of hours into maintaining the few meager want lists that I have right now.

While you ponder that question, I thought I'd sneak in some trade post material so you have something to look at. I received a few PWEs in recent weeks, the first of which was a out-of-nowhere 1966 Topps Tim McCarver "rub offs" thing from Thoughts and Sox. I don't fully understand it, but it's old and Cardinals-related. Pretty awesome, right? I used computer sorcerymagic to make McCarver read from left to right, as if I rubbed his likeness off and transferred him to my own skin. (I had to really dig deep to make this write-up family friendly.)

From SoCal came a Silver Slate parallel from Giants uberfan arpsmith. I have to admit to being really dumb, because even though we discussed this card in a blog comment somewhere, I had no idea what it was when it showed up in my mailbox. How is this a "silver" slate of any kind? This is blue, guys, BLUE. This is more blue than the Walmart parallels, that's for sure. I figured it out, though, and now I want more. I got hooked on the blue, Breaking Bad style.

Finally, from the Erin corner of the Cards on Cards collecting interest is this Troy Tulowitzki mini from last year's Gypsy Queen. Yes, last year's Gypsy Queen, as drab as it was, is looking better and better by the way when you compare it to the latest release.

The mini has a back. And that back is not the most common version! Huzzah! Thanks to Tenets of Wilson for the Jr. sized Tulo!


  1. Love the 66T Rub Offs... you are quite the wizard, sir. As for your question... I don't have an answer. But I'm interested in hearing other collector's responses, because I've been debating on using Google Docs myself.

    Right now, I use my website. But it involves pulldown menus that are a pain to access on my phone.

  2. I like Google Docs just fine. I'd go for it!

  3. Hey, I hear you on the silver slates. What silver???

    As to your questions, I know for me Google Docs do tend to slow considerably the ol' computer. So just for me, it would be a bit of a hindrance.

  4. I love my Google Docs list. I used to have lists on my blog but they were a pain to update. Docs is so much simpler.

    It doesn't slow my computer down any that I have ever noticed.

    I will say that if you try to access it from a phone it is horrible unless you use the Google Drive App. With the App it works great.

  5. I've been a Google Docs user from the beginning (of both my blog and for other web-based uses). Yes, Google can be an absolute RAM hog, but it's rare that presents a problem unless you're keeping Docs open all the time, not just when working on your lists.

    I've found the benefits of real-time updates, importing/exporting and sharing are, ultimately, huge time-savers.

    Despite Google Docs being lame to the most Chunteriffic Chunter for no apparent reason, I heartily say, to both you and Fuji: go for it and make the switch!


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