Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All the Minis

Jeff from 2x3 Heroes has a little "Take My Minis" section of his blog, devoted to a bunch of extra Allen & Ginter minis that he acquired. Well, leave it to someone with a blog called 2x3 Heroes to discard all of these 1 15/32 x 2 11/16 (seriously, that's a size) cards. A&G master sets are difficult to put together because of all of the various minis, both of the insert and parallel variety, so the extra help was definitely appreciated. I may even have to go back when I have more trade bait to pick out some more.

Aside from the elusive D.B. Cooper, all of the minis I snagged were from the 2010 set, including the seafaring explorers. If Columbus thinks he saw a seacreature as big as depicted on this card, I guess I can forgive him for thinking he'd found some "Indies".

I didn't have many of the World's Wordsmiths cards, so it was nice to pick up this trio.

So many Lords! I'm just missing 3 of these guys.

The dinosaur cards are some of my favorites that have ever made it into the Allen & Ginter line. I still need 5 out of this 25 card set.

Finally, here's a dozen of the National Animals set. With 50 cards to collect, this one is a beast (literally! ha!) but I am getting there. Check out my Allen & Ginter want lists if you have any non-baseball Ginter cards you'd like to get rid of.


  1. That's a lot of minis. I might have to go out and build or buy a National Animals set... it's very cool. Almost as cool as D.B. Cooper. Never heard of that guy, until I saw that Seth Green movie.

  2. I first learned about D.B. Cooper while watching that FOX series, Prison Break!

    Love the minis. This year's A&G release can't get here fast enough. Speaking of that, I should really be focusing on completing the minis from past years...

  3. These are really awesome mini's!

    Thus far, I've only picked up a few A&G mini's here and there. Loving the A&G base sets as I do (I have 2007, 2011 and 2012 so far), I'd like to start working on a mini set. For me it will be People of the Bible and the Mt. Olympus to start.


    Colbey, I totally agree: C'mone 'Ginter!


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