Friday, June 7, 2013

Airbrushed Fridays: 2007 Topps #133 & #470

I'm going to break from the usual format today because I stumbled across something truly weird in the airbrushing/Photoshopping department. I probably noticed this before, but I'm just now getting around to fully appreciating the Topps Double Trouble that was laid upon the collecting public in 2007.

Yes, these are two clearly Photoshopped cards, using identical photos, from both Topps Series 1 and Series 2. It's almost as if Topps meant to make amends for their ills in the second series by providing a non-Photoshopped image of Sheff with his new team. But alas, it was not to be, for the same altered photo found its way to Gary's Series 2 card, with the same wall of stats and same cropped inset photo on the back. Shameful. Doubly so.

Airbrushed Fridays is a weekly feature as the name seems to imply. If you know of a card with an altered photograph that you'd like to see featured, please contact me. You probably won't win anything, but you never know!

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  1. The farther we get from 2007 Topps, the freakier it gets. That's bizarre.


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