Monday, June 17, 2013

Up For Grabs Cardinalpalooza: Matt Holliday

The next batch of Cardinals cards that I'm pushing out the door are of a guy in both my and Erin's personal collections. This means that at any given time there could be three copies of a Matt Holliday card in this household (if it's a set I collect) which is kind of ridiculous. Holliday has only been on the team since 2009, and what I have in the way of extras is fairly limited for a guy who has as many cards as he does.

The list follows at the end of the post. Please see previous "Up For Grabs" posts here with many cards still available. Unclaimed cards will likely end up on Listia or something similar.

Holliday wore #15 for only part of a season with the Cardinals, but it took card designers quite awhile to catch on to that fact. 15 on a Cards uniform still means Jim Edmonds to me, even though Jon Jay and Rafael Furcal have also worn it in recent days.

With a contract like Holliday's, no one will be wearing #7 for St. Louis for a long time.

The list:

2010 Topps #140 [4 available]
2010 Topps Update (Home Run Derby) #US-56 [2 available]
2010 Topps Update (All-Star) #US-161 [4 available]
2010 Topps Attax Code [2 available]
2011 Bowman #122
2011 Topps #490
2011 Topps Update (All-Star) #US260
2011 Topps Lineage #9 [2 available]
2012 Bowman #99
2012 Bowman Platinum #97
2012 Topps #320 [3 available]
2012 Topps Archives #85
2012 Topps Opening Day #78 [2 available]
2013 Topps #207
2013 Topps (Wild Card) #125

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