Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nacho Nacho Man

Another Group Break from Nachos Grande takes us to a set seriously short on Cardinals for once.

No sooner had I had received my cards from the 2013 Archives set did I discover that there was another cheapo group break in the offing. This time, boxes of 2013 Topps Series 2 and 2012 Topps Archives were opened and distributed. Nachos Grande was again the host, and I've scanned a few of the cards that I received, which included this unnecessarily thick Gibby insert.

Carp is likely done for the season, having pitched in no counting MLB games, which is what we pretty much expected all along considering he told us as much during spring training. The nice thing is that the rotation, even with Joe Kelly as the latest sub for Jaime Garcia, seems to be in pretty good shape. I'll be fine with things if the man who had a rib removed so he could try and continue his playing career decides to hang it up once and for all, but no one is ruling anything out at this point. I've written so many Chris Carpenter eulogies on this blog that I'm sure you're all thinking "blah blah blah... next card."

Here was my hit from the break, so to speak. I still like the gold parallels, but Topps has managed to make them just a little less special the past couple of years.

More Lance Lynn, and I have to say that the insert design logo is almost as unreadable in person as my scanner made it. Series 2, incidentally, is pretty lacking in Cardinals stuff, most likely because Series 1 was stuffed full of them. I'm guessing that a lot of the slots went to the Astros instead, probably to appease this Dimwit.

I wasn't lucky enough to pull anything but boring old base cards that you saw a thousand times last year from the 2012 Archives box, so I decided to scan this perfectly innocuous McGwire card that Mr. Grande threw in as an extra instead. This is in honor of the current Dodgers/Cardinals series that's in progress, I suppose.

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