Sunday, August 18, 2013


Five cards that don't really have much to do with each other, except that they were sent by the same person a very long time ago.

There are times when I feel like I am spending all of my free time dealing with a bunch of baseball cards that I have lying around the home, and there are times when I feel like everything I own is collecting its own little layer of dust. This is one of those dust times. With apologies to Sportscards From the Dollar Store, and everyone else that's traded with me (or is attempting to) lately, I present you some cards that I misplaced that were starting to build up a layer of funk.

It's every scanner's little secret that they like to turn the Topps Archives gold parallels into their own weird shade of green for no apparent reason. Topps has probably done the pointless parallel thing a little better than this, but I still need to collect all of the versions of things that I collect.

This season was just not the time for the breakout of the Cardinals Number One Prospect. Taveras had season ending ankle surgery recently after missing a large chunk of this season, and he'll likely get some more time at AAA before he puts on a St. Louis uniform in a game that counts. 18 rookies have played for the big club this season, including 11 that made their debut, but Oscar won't be among them.

I also received a lot of nice set builder stuff from Buckstore Cards, including this SP of the most dominating pitcher of 2013.

A few Blazers were included, the best of which was a card of a personal favorite of mine. Sheed is attempting to be an assistant coach next season, which should prove to be very interesting. He didn't strike me as the most "coachable" person during his playing days.

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