Thursday, August 8, 2013

Up For Grabs Cardinalpalooza: Tim McCarver and Johnny Mize

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Tim McCarver is retiring from his role as FOX's lead MLB analyst after this season, which means my ears may no longer bleed when I occasionally tune in to the network's Game of the Week or playoff broadcasts. McCarver the player, I'm told, was a talented catcher who starred for some title winning Cardinals teams in the '60s. He bounced around a bit after his first run with the Cards, which is probably why he's not as revered as some of the other Cardinal greats. Either that, or his broadcasting "skills" really tarnished his career in ways no one thought imaginable.

The list:

1974 Topps #520 [soft corners and a slight crease)
2001 Topps Archives #40
2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's #54

Similar to McCarver, Johnny Mize went on to play for other teams, playing for two New York teams where he would win a total of 5 World Series rings. He has a number of cards as a Cardinal. but 6 of his 10 All-Star appearances came in non-St. Louis uniforms.

The list:

1985 Topps Circle K #32
1993 Ted Williams #145
2009 Topps 206 #254
2010 Topps Vintage Legends #VLC2 [2 available]
2010 Topps National Chicle #238
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Framed Green #39


night owl said...

I need that Upper Deck '70s card, so ... gah ... I'll take the McCarvers.

John Hazen said...

I'll take the Johnny Mize ones (if you don't have a taker already). I like the Gypsy Queen card set.

madding said...

I've set the cards aside for both of you.

John, I don't have an address for you or an email even. If you see this comment, please contact me as soon as you can.