Sunday, May 8, 2016

80 Cards!

Quantity, not quality? 

I was in a bit of a buying mood at the last card show I attended, so I decided to sample this year's Bowman by picking up a blaster for $17. Bowman is usually a refreshing change of pace for me after the Topps flagship set has been out for awhile, but I don't usually pay much attention to it aside from a sample pack or two. The thing that struck me the most was that "80 CARDS" seems to be the largest print on the whole box. 80 cards!

Here are a few of those 80 cards:

Reyes is the Cardinals top pitching prospect, although his career has been temporarily sidelined by a marijuana-related suspension. Someday, hopefully, we won't be talking about these trivial things anymore.

These inserts are done in a refractor-style. I don't know anything about Barreto, but he's, y'know... on the list.

Bregman is one of the two players on the packaging, along with the Dodgers' Corey Seager. He was the #2 overall pick in last year's draft.

One of the things I do like about this year's Bowman is that they made the base (non-Prospects) cards a little more distinctive. The player names are running up the side of the card instead of at the bottom.

It's weird to name an insert set "International Ink" and not have an autograph on it, but here we are. I'm assuming that there are signed versions of these.

I have a bunch of Kaminsky's cards in my collection from when he was still a Cardinals prospect. He was part of last year's deal that brought over Brandon Moss, who is currently leading the the mediocre Cards in HR.

Luke Weaver is missing a number on his uniform like it's 1999 or something. (The Cardinals haven't gone numberless on the front since the McGwire days.)

One of the many Hall of Fame-bound Cubs players on the 130-win 2016 Cubs team.

This one's for all the Airbrushed Fridays Fans. Both of you!

Finally, Yadi is a good way to end it, I think. He's been a bright spot on a team that's had a pretty inauspicious start.


Adam Sanders said...

Yikes! The airbrushing on the Frazier card is not good.

Tony Burbs said...

130 wins? Why are you shortchanging them?

In all seriousness, looks like you had a pretty decent blaster there.