Friday, May 20, 2016

Sports Cards from All of My Teams

What in the world is going on with Wacha? Nevermind, here are some cards. 

Last month, a bubble mailer rolled in from Sportscards From The Dollar Store, hitting up all of my sportsball teams. It's times like these that I realize I have a lot of teams. Apologies, of course, to the St. Louis Blues, who I recently decided to start rooting for even though I can only name one of their players (Tarasenko? He must be good because people say his name a lot.) and the Portland Timbers, who are more of a rooting interest and less of a collecting interest. Everyone else I'm into was represented, though.

I usually save these for a rainy day (actually, it's never rainy) Good Luck Ducks post, but buckstorecards has sent a few old school CFL Oregon alumni cards over the years, so I figured I'd show this off.

Evenson was an O-Lineman back in the day, years before I was born in fact. I had to show the back, because there's a cartoon on the back. One of these days, I might actually get my Ducks collection organized and go on a scanning spree. This is not one of those days.

Former Ducks super hoopster Joe Young, son of Phi Slamma Jamma member Michael Young, is represented on this rookie Prizm card. I really like this season's Prizm NBA set and would probably consider collecting it for real if I had the time and money.

Blount has bounced around a bit in the NFL, but he's always been very productive. Panini seems to have sort of maybe held on to some licenses that used to be Pacific, but hasn't done much with them because a lot of what Pacific did was weird. Either that, or this Crown Royale set is just a coincidence?

I also received my first Eagles cards in quite awhile. One of these days I'll figure out how to be a good Eagles fan. Between the Michael Vick Era and last season's punchless performance, it's been hard for me. I also just really can't stand the NFL, but something keeps compelling me to turn the TV on during those Sundays.

Kevin Kolb was disappointing, but mostly in that he just wasn't good enough to keep Vick off the field.

Well, you knew this post couldn't end without any Blazers cards. It's great to see Uncle Spliffy (née Uncle Cliffy) represented in current sets. He was an integral part of the '90s Blazers teams and really took over as one of the primary stars after Clyde Drexler left.

Finally, here's a mysterious little Canadian oddball from 1991 that holds a pop-up Ozzie Smith inside. I probably won't bust this card open, but maybe if I end up with another one I will consider it. This goes down as Ozzie #605 in my collection. It's getting tougher and tougher to find cheap cards of the Wizard that I don't already own, but it would be great to hit 700 unique cards by the end of the year. We'll see.

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buckstorecards said...

You're going to have me looking for St. Louis Blues cards to send you way, aren't you?