Thursday, May 26, 2016

Anatomy of a Baseball Card: Trevor Story 2013 Topps Heritage Minors

Nuts to that. 

Minor league cards are supposed to be fun, which is why I wish I bought them more often. Topps's recent reentry into the minor league game has been nice, but the cards (Pro Debut and Heritage Minors) are a hobby-only thing. Hobby shops are like unicorns around these parts. It's totally understandable that Johnny Targetshopper isn't going to snag some loose packs of guys playing in podunk Modesto, however, even though the player selection leans more towards future stars and away from organizational soldiers.

Trevor Story was the story for April, and it seems the Replacement Tulo has the pedigree to be a major league mainstay instead of the next Kevin Maas or Chris Shelton. Minor league cards are fun if you have a minor league team in town, but they can also be fun if you decide to buy a few packs on a rainy day and put them aside for a few years. Some of those formerly head-scratching names are now beginning to fill out fantasy rosters. I wonder if anyone in Modesto (or Tulsa, or New Britain, or Albuquerque...) got Story to sign the back of the card in the empty space left for an autograph. Does anyone actually do that?

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