Thursday, May 5, 2016

April's Loot

My latest trip to @thelootlocker nets a card as thick as a brick. 

The end of the month means the rent is due and I have debts to pay. It also means a box of hobby packs and supplies from The Loot Locker. Let's check out what I got this time around.

2015 Bowman's Best

Normally these packs have 5 cards in them, but mine only had this one in it. That means I was treated to a thicky-thick card of young Astros star shortstop Carlos Correa. Hopefully there are a few Astros fans left on the bandwagon after their rough start this season so I can find someone to send this to.

2015 Bowman Chrome

I'm sure some people love these pretzel mustard colored Brewers jerseys, but I am not one of those people. I don't love much that the Brewers do, however.

Here's a SS prospect out of the Dominican to make Rangers fans forget about Elvis Andrus.

 We've seen him here in a different Loot Locker. It might be my first Loot Locker double?

Nothing but base cards in my Bowman Chrome pack, but at least I snagged a Rosenthal for my team binders. I still need a ton of Cardinals from this set if anyone has any.

2016 Topps Heritage (2)

I'll spare you the details of my Heritage packs and just direct you to my want lists if you have any junky doubles cluttering up your area. Cespedes will join Big Papi in my Heritage trade pile (basically just the Chrome inserts until I accumulate some doubles myself). This was numbered 678 (of 999) for all the numerologists out there.

No inserts, but it's nice to pull an SP out of a pack that you don't already have. I think I have about 70 left to collect. I will be done with this set by 2030, I assure you.


  1. I'll check my Heritage to see if I have any you need

  2. I'm not an Astros fan, but I have a PC of Rookie of the Year winners. I'd be interested in the Correa.

    I've checked your wantlists and I'm compiling a stack of Cards and Ducks for you.


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