Monday, June 20, 2016

2014 Calling

Back to the past with a prize from 2014. 

For several years running, the preeminent Cleveland Indians blogger (and all-around goofball) David from Tribecards has run a season long pack breaking frenzy that results in his giving away all of the cards at the end. Sounds crazy? It is pretty crazy! As you can imagine, it takes awhile to sort of everything when you're talking about busting a pack or more every single day of the season and figuring out who claimed what, so it's no surprise that it took awhile for some of this stuff to arrive. I didn't get a chance to snag a spot in this year's break as it went to more of a team-based draft and my favorite team was already claimed. Still, there's plenty of pack breaks to check out over at Tribecards Central if you're already a fan of the A Pack To Be Named Later blog.

I was very happy to get another copy of this "stamp" card from the 2006 Bazooka set. I already had a copy of this for my Edmonds collection but I'm still working on a so-called master set of this particular year's Bazooka stuffs.

Here's the back of the "Original Back" version of an Ozzie Smith card that my mom didn't actually throw out. Topps: The Reprintiest!

Nothing like a certified bona fide hand-numbered autograph!

Here's further proof that there's plenty of Junk Wax Era Cardinals cards that I don't own yet. (More to come in the near future on the want list front.)

Finally, this mini from the 2014 Gypsy Queen set is the 246th unique Wainwright card in my collection. Hooray for numbers!

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