Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nighttime Night Owl Post

One of these guys isn't a cheating cheaterpants who cheats. 

For the second year in a row, there's a Lou Brock/Dee Gordon pairing on a Topps Heritage insert, which has thrown me for a bit of a loop as I try to get my checklists in order. This probably seemed like a nice idea before Mr. Gordon got popped for a PED suspension under the newer, stronger penalties which are forcing the perennial steals leader to miss 80 games. Gordon is also an ex-Dodger, and his card was sent along with a bunch of other needs by longtime trader and poor condition graded card enthusiast Night Owl Cards.

I've made some progress on the 2016 Heritage set, and part of me is hoping they aren't planning on doing another High Numbers Heritage release like they did last year (and 2008-2009) because I just don't know how much room I have left to collect these sorts of things. Night Owl sent some cards I needed from the current set along with a few 2015 needs. Trumbo is having a resurgent season with the Orioles, whose uniform he was Photoshopped into here for fun. He looks like he might be related to TV's Jesse Plemons.

Most of the Topps Archives inserts have proven elusive to me, so it was nice to pick up a couple from the 2014 set for my team binders. My scanner robbed Joe Kelly's card of much of its deckle-ness, but you can see some of it.

If it wasn't for the font being slightly off, you might mistake this image for something straight out of a 1989 rack pack. Instead, it's another much needed (retail?) 2014 Archives insert that I was able to cross of my ridiculous list.

Finally, here's a shiny pink refractor of the struggling Michael Wacha. I don't know what to make of him anymore. This is starting to become one of those awkward situations where I actually hope a guy is injured so that he can be, well... fixed?

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night owl said...

Running out of room? Yeah, I'm dealing with that now, too. I need at least 3 more binders -- I do not want to buy 3 more binders.