Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Some notes. 

I have a few projects going on at home right now, the largest of which is to add my entire Cardinals collection to Zistle so I can finally get a handle on my want lists. The want lists I have up on this blog are 99% accurate, but they are lacking because I am missing many, many sets and haven't taken a second pass to almost any of the sets to double-check if I'm still missing anything. This is a crucial thing to do for someone who mostly squints at baseball cards in dim light late at night.

I'll leave you with a few cards recently purchased from COMC as I ponder another stupid Cardinals loss. Defensive wizard/offensive dunce Brendan Ryan remains as one of my key players to collect, and I recently snagged three versions of his Bowman's Best rookie card from 2005.

Green, blue, whatever. Three more cards added to the list. Click, click, click. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

When I am through with this project (I'm up to "Slaughter" now in the alphabet), I will start finding things to pawn off on you all again. You've been warned.


  1. i've been slowly updating/correcting my want lists over the last few months. i'm accurate up through 2002...

  2. I got my want lists done in the time window between my cards being packed up and me moving out of my old house. My card collection (and the rest of the household goods) are on their way to Kansas. I am happy I used that time wisely, it is nice to have the want list accurate and organized.


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