Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This Again

Most Wanted card number 26. 

There have been a number of Ozzie Smith rookie card facsimiles produced by Topps during this millennium (or Willennium? are we still calling it that?), but nothing beats the real thing. Topps added another fake Ozzie rookie card to the pile as an insert in this year's set as part of the Berger's Best collection, a somewhat arbitrary look at some Topps cards over the years. Peter from Baseball Every Night was kind enough to send along this card as one of my last non-paralleled needs from 2016 Topps Series One. Unlike in previous years (2010's "Mom" cards and 2011's "Topps 60"), it appears there is no "original back" version of these cards.

While I was able to join in on a jumbo group break for Series One and avoid buying a single pack. I wasn't so fortunate for Series Two. In addition to a couple of Albert Pujols retail parallel inserts from Series One, I can say at this point that I don't have a single Cardinal card from Series Two. It's probably too late to latch on to a group break at this point, so if any of you out there has a bunch of extras, let me know.

The sideburns may be real, but this card is glossy, so it just heads to my Ozzie binder for now. Someday I will bite the bullet and buy a copy of the Wizard's O-Pee-Chee rookie card.

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  1. Hey there. I'll go through my Series 2 dupes tonight and let you know if I have any Cards.



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