Monday, June 13, 2016

A Travesty on a Baseball Card

This Listia win makes me cringe. 

The Topps Heritage Minors line is a step removed from what I currently enjoy as Topps Heritage, which itself is at least a couple of steps removed from an honest to goodness vintage cardboard baseball card set. Putting tape on these cards still makes me cringe. As good as the on-card Heritage autographs usually look, I just can't get behind these at all. This is coming from someone who isn't really big on autographs at all (they're... eh... a bit of a weird thing to collect as an adult.) The tape just ruins it for me.

For his part, David Kopp struggled when he was given a shot at AAA. B-Ref tells me he's been out of organized baseball the past couple of seasons. I might have one of his other minor league cards in my collection, but that's probably it. The hobby only minor league sets are probably put together on a shoestring budget compared to their big league brethren, so it makes sense that they might not have the ability to get the prospects to sign the actual cards.

This only set me back the equivalent of about 75 cents in Listia Bux, and I did know exactly what I was getting when I bid on this, so I don't want to sound too whiny. Just a little whiny. It's Monday, after all.

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  1. Love the "tape" analogy. I love collecting autographs... but definitely prefer ones without tape adhered to them.


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