Friday, June 8, 2018

Added to the Break!

There are still quite a few slots available for this free group break/giveaway. 

Among the myriad things that will be handed out for the 10th Anniversary Group Break are the contents of this box of 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars. Matt from Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits was extremely kind to donate this box to the break. As soon as a few more slots are claimed, I will start revealing some of the more desirable cards in the break here (unless you guys want to be surprised.)

There are plenty of quality teams/slots still left, so what are you waiting for?

1 comment :

  1. If you do allow for multiple slots, I'm all over that General weirdness catergory. Also, I'm going to post s link in a team trader group I'm in to see if I can get some more folks involved.


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