Thursday, June 28, 2018

KO Rob Levels Up My Blazers Collection

NIB: New In Box 

Reader of the blog and regular contest-participant KO Rob sent me a bunch of Blazers this spring. Like a whole bunch. He literally increased my collection by a percentage well into the double digits. (Note: I did not actually calculate this.) Of course, the pièce de résistance was this wonderful Clyde Drexler Starting Lineup figure. It's from 1992 (I love the authentic Kay-Bee Toys price sticker) and shows Drexler in a uniform for the partial season where the Blazers switched to the all caps BLAZERS font in black for their home uniform. The unis were deemed too illegible, and the design was tweaked before the season was over with larger letters in red. The result ended up being their uniform design for the next decade, before they changed the font and committed once again to black lettering.

The figure makes a nice companion to my card show purchase from a couple years ago, which features rookie style Drexler and two (!) trading cards. I can't guarantee that I won't free these Clydes from their plastic prisons, but for now they stay up on the wall like this.

As previously mentioned, there were a lot cards to sort through. I just picked a small handful to show here. Andre Miller is here on a serial numbered (to 499) early Panini Prestige card. These throwback unis were great, and I wish they would bring them back.

Brian Grant was a warrior on the court and has been a warrior in the field of Parkinson's awareness and knowledge. This is a good read on his journey.

The Finest!

Fred Jones of the Ducks slips in here. This fits into my Oregon collection, of course, but Jones is also from the Portland area and played for the Blazers for a spell.

I always liked these oddball sized cards (think Fleer Extra Bases and NFL Gameday). I need to finish off this (team) set.

Kenny Anderson has all kinds of weird feelings about these '90s cards.

This card is translucent but is not entirely clear. It's the rare card that scans a lot better than it actually looks.


We head into vintage territory with stylish LaRue Martin. "Vintage territory" just means the '70s, by the way, for a franchise that was born in 1970.

Caption contest?

The legend.

Mark Bryant is represented here on the always classy Flair card.

Father of Klay and Laker-identifier. Thompson had the misfortune of not being big enough as the ideal NBA center in his day, and also had to follow in the footsteps of broken Bill Walton. His crossover into Lakers territory was never forgiven in my household, though.

No lengthy Blazers post here is complete without a Sabas card.

Time is running out!

With another NBA Draft in the books, Biggie Swanigan is going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to carve out a role with next season's Blazers.

And speaking of future Blazers, Gary Trent's son -- a star at Duke they call Gary Trent Jr. -- was acquired by Portland after he was drafted in the second round. It would be fun to see him earn a meaningful spot on the team, if anything for nostalgic purposes.


Fuji said...

Kenner SLU's rule.

KO Rob said...

Glad you liked the cards and mini-Clyde (free him!)! And thanks for your return package! My newer player collections (Gobert, Deandre Jordan, Andre Drummond) got a huge boost! I've got another stack coming your way soon (more Blazers and a bunch of Cardinals). I'm thinking about expanding my player collections, so if you get any Clint Capela's cards, let me know! And I'm intrigued by that Mo Bamba kid who was drafted by the Magic, but I'm not usually one for "prospecting" on future shot blocker/rebounder specialist (Jarvis Varnado burned me... I was positive he'd be the next Marcus Camby!... or at least Theo Ratliff...)

Chris said...

Sweet Drexler SLUs! I'm trying to add one to my collection, as you might know. The cards are great, too. Flair is fantastic, especially the Sabonis insert (I don't have any of his cards. shame on me!) The vintage cards are great, gotta love that LaRue Martin. Didn't know about Brian Grant's Parkinson's fight (I've been away from the NBA for quite a while) but I'll bookmark that article and read it on a rainy day.