Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's Late

I'm tired. Here's a recent Listia win. 

I'm not sure how much life is left in the Listia website after their conversion from their own virtual currency system to some cryptocurrency that no one's even heard of. The price of said currency has plummeted to less than 3 cents per whatever, as Listia trudges on. I have no idea who and how much actual cash is being spent on the site, outside of people paying for postage to mail their stuff around the country. I can still find interesting cards on it from time to time, including this weird shiny "camo" Damian Lillard.

It's a low numbered card, and I spent a very low amount of cryptowhatevers on it. I can't imaging listing anything like this on the site for auction myself, but I can't complain as a winning buyer. Someone has to be making something off this site, right?

The NBA Draft is less than a week away, and it will be very interesting to me to see what the Blazers team looks like by this time next month.


Jeff said...

I have .02 of whatever it is in credits. I can't even bid on anything with that. So I haven't even been there in forever.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Kerry, you did well in the Crackin Wax, Topps Series 2 break yesterday. You've got some good stuff coming your way.

Fuji said...

One of these days I'll spend my remaining balance I have in my account. But right now... I'm too tired to sift through their stuff.

Jupiterhill said...

Yeah I haven't been on the site for quite a while. I can bid on some stuff, but never find anything worth bidding on or its way too much. Maybe I'll do a quick look and just spend whatever's in my account.