Monday, June 25, 2018

CardConNW '18: Hogs

Football dudes from a football fan. 

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Before I get into it, I wanted to give a little update on the big 10th Anniversary group break. I have started shipping stuff. As of tonight, I have packed up two of the bundles. It's going to take a bit of time (and money) to get it all out, but you can check in with the original post to find out if your stuff has shipped. I'll keep it updated.

And now, we reach the conclusion of the CardConNW '18 series with Ken's stuff. Ken is a fan of the Washington football team, a rival to my favorite Eagles, and runs Cardboard Hogs. I'm having my own internal dilemma right now in deciding if I even want to watch the NFL this coming season because of all of the... unpleasantness... but it was great to get these Eagles (reigning champs!) cards. I imagine it was just as great to get these out of Ken's house as well.

Here's rookie year (and Super Bowl champ!) Zach Ertz on a card paying tribute to the classic 1989 Score design. Football card fans, I have a question for you. Is this a classic design because it looks great, or is it just because it was printed in relatively low quantities for the time?

I was going to feel bad for not having any idea who this is, but it appears that he didn't play a down in a regular season game. This Magic set was pretty great. McNutt's actual autograph is maybe not so great.

Speaking of tributes, here's a Topps Archives card in the style of 1985 Topps. I know my '80s Topps designs!

Ahh, a baseball card slipped in here. I was psyched to get this Paul DeJong Silver Pack promo card, especially since someone has been trying (and failing) to get a ridiculous amount of currency for this on Listia all year now.

LaMichael James cards are always welcome here, especially special ones like this. He was, after all, one of the greatest backs the Pac-12 has ever seen -- let alone one of the Oregon greats.

Another rookie year card of LMJ. This is numbered to 50 and signed. It does look like James could have fit 3 separate signatures on the sticker, though.

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Fuji said...

You should come down to the Bay Area. I saw more than a few LMJ cards sitting in bargain bins at this past Saturday's card show.