Monday, September 14, 2020

A Smoky Monday Night PWE Roundup

It's time another round of plain white envelopes from a certain Collector, a big time Cards fan and @pennysleeves himself. 
It's Monday night, so it must be time to check out a few envelopes received here at Cards on Cards Central. I've been cooped up at home as the entire west coast is a toxic post-apocalyptic wasteland these days, but that doesn't mean that I can't make time for the cards. First up is a fat envelope from Chris - The Collector.

Chris sent along a bunch of Cardinals needs from wide range of years. I don't see a lot of circa 2000 Chrome cards unless I find a lucky box at a card show (remember those?)

Stickers! Panini Stickers, in fact. You might wonder why the larger sticker is not a Cardinal. I actually started on the 1990 album a long time ago, and it was quickly forgotten until it got a mention on the blog this summer. I've had a few more stickers trickle in since then. Will I complete the album? I probably need to find the album first.

Matt Holliday is showing off the then-new Cardinals home Saturday jerseys, which are throwback-ish. It's not a real throwback, though. Let's call it throwback inspired?

One of the last sets that I still have way too many needs from that touches the edges of the junk wax era is 1994 Fleer for some reason. I still have a few more to go if I recall.

Two down, one more to go! (Plus four more Update set cards.)

Chris also included a couple of Blazers cards, including Gary Trent the elder. Trent's son followed up his pre-COVID shutdown success with a nice run in the bubble. It was cool to snag a rookie card of the original Gary, though.

The last one from The Collector is this dazzling 2014-15 Panini Prizm Red White & Blue CJ McCollum parallel. Prizm is serious stuff these days, and it's very tough to find stuff any of the older sets now. This was probably my favorite of the bunch to be perfectly honest.

All Cardinals All The Time is the next up to bat. Ray is primarily a Cardinals collector, and his son collects Jose Altuve, making him almost a perfect blog mirror image of me. (Erin collects Altuve, of course, but she's uh, not my son.) His contributions to the cause were all from newer sets this time.

Dylan Carlson is the team's promising young rookie/prospect. His defense is definitely major league ready, but it looks like his bat isn't quite there yet.

It's always great to pick up another Jack card that I needed, especially one from 2018.

The last two cards are from last year's Bowman Platinum set and feature Nolan Gorman.

I haven't heard anything about a 2020 Bowman Platinum set. Is it happening? I have never really been a fan of any of their designs, though this one isn't terrible or anything. It's possible that I just have a thing against Walmart exclusives.

Envelope number three comes to me from Jon of A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts. I claimed this Chick Hafey card that I'd never seen in my life before from one of his giveaway posts, so it was expected.

The unexpected traveler that hitched a ride with Chick was Jerry Adams of the Omaha Racers. It's a CBA card! I'm not even sure I've ever seen a CBA card. I also didn't know that ProCards was ever involved in anything other than minor league baseball. Adams is an Oregon Ducks alum, not that I would have been able to tell you that off the top of my head until I received this card. One of the really fun things about being a Ducks collector is that I've gotten to see some cards from other leagues and countries that I never would have noticed before.


Fuji said...

My friend said school was cancelled on Friday and Monday due to the threat of evacuations. So scary. Looks like there might be some rain headed your way. Hopefully that provides some much needed relief to Oregon and Washington.

Jon said...

Early Prizm is basically impossible to find cheap anymore, but that's what happens when "collectors" are told that it's [insert fire emoji here], and start investing away!

acrackedbat said...

I've fallen for 94 Fleer over the years. Clean simple design. I have a large chunk but still need to update my want list. Wishing you the best out there. The devastation is heart-breaking.

Chris said...

I was happy to have some cards to send your way after all the great stuff you've sent me.

I don't think I've ever seen a Chick Hafey card before.