Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Luck Ducks: Holiday Bowl Edition

It seems like it's been about three months since the last Oregon football game. Finally, the interesting part of the bowl season starts today with the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. Oregon will be facing the Oklahoma State Cowboys, which have always amused me considering that they wear primarily orange (and some black and white) and the go by OSU. Oregon State is trying to be "OS" now, though, so maybe they're working towards ending the confusion.

I picked up a trio of 2006 Fleer rookies for $1 at a card show last month featuring Ducks players in Ducks uniforms after being drafted by their respective NFL teams. Interestingly enough, these players were the three key players on the last Oregon team to play in the Holiday Bowl, a low-scoring, nailbiting loss to Oklahoma.

Many are predicting a high-scoring affair as both Oregon and Oklahoma State tend to put a lot of points on the board. The Holiday Bowl also has a reputation for being very high scoring and competitive year in and year out. Of course, this is what everyone was saying three years ago when the Ducks and the Sooners combined for 31 points. All three of the players are still with the teams that drafted them. Clemens should have and likely would have been the starter for the Jets after they parted ways with Chad Pennington, but then that Favre guy stepped in and ruined everything, including the Jets season. All he did was lead the league in interceptions and lose to Pennington's Dolphins to get knocked out of the playoffs. Ngata and Williams have made some impact for Baltimore, although Demetrius only played in 6 games this year so I'm guessing he got injured at some point.

Whoa, there! Look who crashed the party. It's the Original Whizzinator himself. This oddly-shaped card was the partridge in a (cardboard) pear tree in my 12 Days of Christmas gift from Tribecards. He was an amazing player in his time at UO, but not the brightest guy as is well-documented.

I'm not sure what the point of all of this is, but... Go Ducks! I'm hoping for an entertaining game, zero airport arrests, and best of all: a Ducks victory to cap off a 10-win season.

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  1. Thanks to Oregon playing in San Diego tonight, most of the would-be buyers for my extra pair of tickets to Sunday's basketball game against UCLA are currently out-of-state.

    Oh well! Serves me right for trying to make money off tickets!


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