Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trever Miller is now a Cardinal

The Hot Stove League (tm) is in full effect, and the Cardinals have made their first splash by signing 35-year old lefty reliever Trever Miller, last seen donning a Tampa Bay uniform.

Trever Miller?


Miller was always the first reliever I rooted for the Astros to throw in the game whenever I watched them play the Cards. One of the Cards' glaring weaknesses last year was their inability to find a left-handed shutdown reliever, and I don't see Miller filling that role. He probably won't be any worse than Ron Villone was last year, but that really isn't saying much.

Stay tuned, because apparently the Cards are looking at dealing for Khalil Greene soon. Yikes.

(Agh. It looks like they already did.)


night owl said...

Khalil Greene? Wow. Someone's lost it in St. Louis.

Erin said...

Now who will I root for the Astros to put in?? Man. I guess Brocail or Geary always work, too.